Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday May 23

Good Morning. It should be another good day weather wise. They are calling for some rain tomorrow and Monday for the holiday.
Tomorrow we are going to Great Bend with my boyfriend and his family for a family reunion. I may or may not find time before we leave to post here.

I did some updating in squidoo yesterday to these lenses: Superdove, Gather--The BEST in Social Networking, and Crash. Today I will build the 3rd lens in our Unschooling Journey series.

I'm heading next to update the relistings of my books on then it's off to play my spins on Winster for the day. I've already played my limit of the mahjong on iwon this morning before I even started doing anything else on the computer.

I have this big fuzzy cat laying on lap. He thinks he's a tough guy and goes outside trying to chase away the stray neighborhood cats, but he is getting all torn up. I am trying to keep him inside!

I'm going to end now as Saturday at home and on the computer is a short day now. I have lots I need to get done before we head to Steve's for the evening.
Have one awesome Saturday,

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday May 22

Good Morning!
I was trying to sleep in this morning, but my grandson stayed with his dad last night and had to be dropped off early before he went to work. He brought home a cute little baby turtle...can we make is survive?

Yesterday was one of my odd days. It seems that once I get up off the computer then I just can't get back in to my groove of getting things done. I was off here a LOT yesterday, but somehow I managed to get through all of my daily cards, which includes both housework and internet sites I do. Did I stay off the mahjong game? NO! all afternoon when I did have time to get on the computer I was playing the game. I did most everything from after supper until bedtime. Nice to know that it can be done without me spending every waking hour on here. Maybe now I can relax more.

Today's goal is the heavy cleaning here in the basement and to get through my gmail....and I mean completely through it! Right now my pregnant daughter is wanting me to make pancakes and that does sound good so up to the kitchen I go.

Here's to a fantastic start to your weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday May 21

Good Morning!
I didn't get to sleep in on this first day of public school being out. My son called me late last night to tell me he needed a ride to court early this morning.
I came home from that and did my usual Larry Burkett post on gather, but I also put in my Grocery Shopping 5/20/09 as well.

If only I could ever for once have all my coupons cut and at least in my abc file box I would sure be much better off. I have to find myself searching in the file box, in my stack of uncut coupons and in my binder when preparing for a shopping trip. It's very time consuming all the way around, but well worth it in the end.

I am so ready to just fall back into bed! I just got back from picking up my son again. He's going to work to get my lawnmower running and also check the brakes on the Thunderbird as they squeal. Outside plans today include Ariel and Araya's Headstart graduation and taking my mom to her dr. appt. I will get a nap in here shortly if I can.

I am promising myself only a very few games at iwon...yeah right, I say that every day. Can I do it? I really need to be concentrating on selling things and the paid to click sites where I actually earn, not playing a game where I only have the very slightest chance of winning something playing.

I'm off for today as now we need to go get a little gas for the run run.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday May 20

Good Morning! Technically, I can't say that for myself. I won't really go into it except to say I thought I finally was going to have a vehicle and now the cylinoid is probably out. If you want to read my Morning Rant feel free to do so over on gather.

On a good is the last day of school!!!! Which means the alarm no loner has to be set for 6:45 and I no longer have the worry of Allen not getting to bed on time and him not wanting to get up in the morning for school! woo hoo!!! The girls still have school tomorrow, but mostly it's just a fun day and their Headstart graduation. I'm glad they decided to let other schools out a day early (due to construction needing to get started) so that Allen can go watch his little sisters graduation. Will I have the car back to drive? I might if all they have to do is change the cylinoid and they get it done.

No plans today outside the house. It's laundry day and I still hope to get more things priced and ready for the yard sale coming up.

For now I am off in my attempt to make some money...I sure need to make some sales and earn on some of my other sites. Speaking of that, I guess squidoo took away the $10 minimum to get paid? I found the $5.23 that I made this month in my paypal last night. I'm sure fine with that. I've been using my paypal to put gas in these cars he's let me drive over the weekend, then gas in the Thunderbird yesterday and need to "restock" my paypal now.

Have a good day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday May 19

Good Morning!
It's a good thing I got done what I did yesterday morning. No sooner than I had my lunch that guy brought me the car....which brought on being gone a lot. I took it to my son's to have him look at it again, took it to the tire guy and replaced one of the tires, and took my mom to transfer the insurance. It's a 1989 Ford Thunderbird. The body is somewhat beat up but not enough to make it look too bad. The interior is torn up on the dash. And,it still needs a lot of wiring work for the electrical stuff, but I am hoping to keep this one. He has the car again to try to fix the loose wire that is making one brake light not work all the time.

Really I have no other news today. If I get the car back I will take my mom to the dr this afternoon. Otherwise I just want to concentrate a lot today on the websites I do to earn and attempt to get as much done as I can in my gmail. I also want to get some things priced for the yard sale. I hope to get all the books on the huge bookcase looked through before the end of the week. I can't move all the books with us as there is no place to keep them.

I cashed out at gather yesterday for $25 in amazon after getting my last $50 card I cashed out for in yesterday's mail. I'm real close to buying the laptop at amazon, but I am afraid not close enough to be able to order it by the first week of June, which was my goal. I just checked and I still need to get in at least another $75 in amazon. hhmmmm

I'm off for today...have a great day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday May 18

It's just after noon when I am getting this typed in so I have to say Good Afternoon!
I've been busy this morning, first shopping to get some of my daughters WIC vouchers used and to shop to buy what I need for supper for the next few nights. I have a couple of recipes that I want to try that I printed from gather.

Otherwise, I ended up shopping at Walgreens about bedtime last night when I realized that my register rewards expired yesterday. I did my post on gather on my shopping. Walgreens Shopping 5/17/09

I also got my photos sized from our trip to the Cosmosphere and built a squidoo lens on just it. Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

I feel like I am booking along! After today only 2 more days of public school! I'm excited at the thought of not having to push my grandson out of bed each morning. Jasmine, who I homeschool, however will continue throughout the summer working on school work here and there. I just printed her out a bunch of things on frogs and toads to put together a frog lapbook. I copied a lot of check, deposit slips etc from a book called Will The Dollar Stretch? It's really a story based real living book based for teen parents. I've been reading so much on the importance of teaching your children to budget, balance a checkbook etc and that's exactly what the stories in this book do. I also want to work with her over the summer in some older home economics books that I picked up at the library book sale.

Time for lunch so I will close this a wish you a great start to your week!
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