Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday June 27

Good Late afternoon.
I couldn't get this to open for me all morning. I wouldn't normally post this late in the day but I know I won't be posting tomorrow as we are Leaving for Family Camp Tomorrow. I'm not sure if I will be allowed to get online at camp or not.

Today was the $1.10 sale day at the Goodwill store on all donated clothes. We shopped..I am happy as I was able to get some things for myself for a change. I just need my mom to add up how much I owe her.

I just posted my Mail Call! Week of June 21 on gather. I sure didn't get much in this past week. I have been sending for things again. I'm still waiting on a prize pack from gather too.

Well, back to sorting and packing for camp...and to get supper too! Have a great remainder of the weekend. If you don't hear from me for awhile it's because of no internet access at camp.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday June 26

Good Afternoon. I have to say that today. I woke up early this morning just to watch the Michael Jackson tributes. Then I was off taking care of my food stamp case...then to the cable office to return equipment and downgrade my account. (something I should have done 3 months ago)

Tonight is the last night for Bible school. Sunday the kids are supposed to come to church and sing some of their songs and wear the pirate wear they've been making in crafts. I hope most are able to come.

We are in no way prepared for going to family camp on Sunday. I have nothing packed. I bought the bug spray and the sun tan lotion. Yesterday I bought us drinks and snacks to take with us. That is as far as I've gotten.

Not sure what else to say today so I will close for now and see if I can get something good listed tomorrow morning.

Have a great start to the weekend,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday June 25

Good Morning!
Once again I didn't get a blog post done yesterday. I got busy again in the morning and didn't realize until late that I didn't get it done.
We went to Alltel yesterday and Steve added me to his family plan so YAY!! I have a cell phone now. I feel so much better having one so I have communication when I am out and about.
One of the first things I did was sign up with!! They pay out weekly no matter how much you make which is awesome, and every penny counts. I earned .61 just yesterday. I hope you will join me there.

Bible school is going well. Not the best week for me to be gone every evening, but I guess that's how it goes. I really need to get the basement cleaned and organized and things packed to move. I'm not having much luck getting anything done. For one things its muggy hot in the basement. Another thing is just time. No one allows me a day to just stay home and get anything done. When I am home, on the computer is the only place I want to be, trying to earn money.

I am going to attempt to find someone to loan me the $130 I need to keep the cable on and then downgrade my services. I just can't see leaving my mom next week and her not being able to even watch her soap operas.

I've been twittering here and there some of the things I have for sale. I'm hoping to pull in some orders to help out.
I'm still gathering all I can! And, of course, doing the paid to clicks as I can in hopes of reaching payout. I have banners on the bottom of my blog here on the paid to clicks I do on a regular basis.

My son just called to get his girlfriend to work. I better get going..and hopefully no where else to go until it's time to take my mom to the dr this afternoon and then Bible school tonight.

Have yourself one awesome day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday June 23

Good Morning!
I am at the doctor with my daughter again! This should be the last time on this infection. They have wireless access here that says it's unsecured, but when I try to go to a website it tells me a need a clinic username and password. No one around here knows what that is.

As soon as I am done here I will be taking my son and his girlfriend around to pay bills. In other away from home plans: grocery shopping, taking my mom to her dr. appt, and Bible school this evening.

Bible school went smooth last night for it being the first night. The theme is Veggie Tales, the pirates that don't do anything. The kids enjoy Veggie Tales. I took lots of photos and videos that I will be sharing on gather.

So far they have't turned off my cable, but that will happen very soon. Then I will be relying on this laptop and anywhere I can pick up someone's wireless connection.

I typed the above this morning, not realizing I wouldn't get home until about 1 pm!
The mail already came today and I have to make the $275 somehow before Friday in order to not lose cable. It's not possible at all! I guess I will try twittering some of my items for sale throughout each day, and gather like crazy (however I can't cashout and get paid before then).

For now I am going to post this and wish you a good day. It's so hot, I hope that you are being able to stay cool somehow!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday June 22

Good Morning!
I intended to do a blog post yesterday, but once again it was bedtime when I realized I hadn't.

We had a large celebration and carry in dinner at church yesterday to celebrate our retired pastor's 50th year of being ordained. It was really nice. He was brought to tears many times. The food was great. As a congregation each family made a quilt square for him and 2 of the women at church put the quilt together.

After church we all headed to Steve's and spent the day in and around the swimming pool. We got home around supper time.

It's so humid hot! It's really hard to handle. We have storms that come through, then the sun comes out...this has been going on for a couple of weeks. It's horrid!

I've been posting at least 4 things a day on gather and my points are about the same as they have been lately. I have to get busy on doing 2 or 3 updates on squidoo lenses each day. I did a couple on Saturday.

I have to run now and take my son to an appointment and then take him to work. It's Bible school week with our church, so evenings are full each day from 5:45 to 8:45. Jasmine is too old now to attend Bible school so she is going to help with games. I am with the 4th and 5th grade group.

Have a great day and be sure to stay cool if you can!
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