Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday June 15

Good Morning! I have my laptop set up here in the basement hoping to get some things done down here. I already washed some dishes upstairs and have a load of laundry started down here. (Just wait until my mom comes to bring her daily load down to start and finds out I already have mine going.) It's so humid hot in the basement though and that doubles when the dryer is going. In the winter I freeze down here and burn up in the summer, go figure.

I don't have any plans today, but I'm sure my son will be calling saying "come take me to work" I should get my little last paycheck from work in the mail, and I should go cash it and spend half of it transferring the tag over.

I've got to do my 8 week video on using the Revitalift today. Just in time too as the campaign ends tomorrow!

Ok...I need to make some money...I now owe the cable company $275! I didn't sell not one craft, nor one book for 6 weeks now. I need to figure out how to get back to business and get my stuff promoted! If I don't pay at least the $127 that is from last month in the next few days I won't be making anything because there will be no more internet. Any grand ideas??

I've not worked on crafts other than the prayer shawls for church in weeks. My thought is to find a way to get back to making the crafts that I sell, then after I complete each one, post it to twitter....and post a photo to gather.

Tomorrow morning (well 10-3) is sewing club at church. Depending on what time I get up and around in the morning will depend on if I get a blog post done. I've put my sewing machine, supplies and quilt squares in the trunk of the car already. They are going to teach me how to sew the squares together tomorrow. I look forward to it, even though there is no wireless connection available in the area of my church so I won't get any clicking done.

I better get the clothes into the dryer. They won't be starting now on mom's bathroom until possibly later this week. I wish they would get here and get it done, it's needed badly.

Have a good Monday!
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