Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday July 15

Good Morning!
Sewing club yesterday was great as usual. I need to have all my squares sewn together before next month's meeting so they can show me how to pin and tie it.
I had massive running around to do for a couple hours in the heat after sewing club. The evening was good...swimming,leftovers for supper, then to Bogey's for shakes, then we watched a movie before bed.

I didn't get much at done online yesterday. I will get more done today. I have photos I took yesterday to get in to a couple squidoo lenses to update those.

For now I am off and running to take my son to an appointment. I'm going to take my crocheted quilt blanket to work on while I am there. And....I did it again...didn't finish this before I left.

I have these days every day LOL
Have a good one,
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