Friday, February 16, 2018

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Points, Recipes, and More

This past week my online earnings included:

A sale of 3 towel scarves from my etsy shop.  I'm making more of the towel scarves now to list and do have one of those spoken for.

$5 amazon from Microsoft Rewards.  If you've not been in there lately, it's changed.  If you do the 3 daily goals you earn bonus points.  I'm finding that doing those each day along with some searches, that I was able to cash in much faster this time!

$1 added to my Perk Plastik card from PerkTV.  Unfortunately there is some issue with my IP address and I can't access my card info, including adding more money to it, until they are done reviewing my IP address.  I sure hope they can get this resolved very soon! 

I'm so close to cash outs on several sites, so I hope my list next week is much longer  :)

**Don't forget your Friday Freebie!  I love free candy, and I've been wanting to try this candy bar.

Free Hershey's Gold Bar at Kroger & Affiliates

Here is your weekly list of Recyclebank points to check out.  I'm heading up to being able to trade my points in for another free item through One Twine.

5 Free Recyclebank Points

5 Free Recyclebank Points

5 Free Recyclebank Points

5 Free Recyclebank Points

5 Free Recyclebank Points

5 Free Recyclebank Points

I will leave you this week with a list of other freebies you might want to check out:

Free Hershey's Gold Bar When Team USA Wins Gold

Free Subscription to Sports Illustrated

Free 18ct. Box of o.b. Tampons

Free Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls

LEGO Mini Model Build - Free LEGO Lamb

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

WIP Wednesday -- More Cutting

The first that I cut were 8 inch squares to make the double folded hotpads.    My daughter wanted me to make her some, so I pulled out the long untouched fabric drawer labeled hotpads.  I'm almost done with 2 sets.  She's choosing to take the pink and yellow set.
The rest of the insulbrite and squares are here beside me to continue making more sets.

I spent most of yesterday cutting, and as usual, ended up with piles for various projects:
cuts to make tissue box covers
cuts to make pin cushion and scrapbags
strips for my string blocks
strips for the toothbrush rug I am working on
selvage strips for making a selvage rug
10 squares to be made into a quilt top for charity
quarter yards for making more towel scarves
and, a pile of scraps for filling a pillow case to make a dog bed.

This next week should be filled with completed projects!!  I hope if that's the case that everyone will be ok with me posting finished projects instead of WIP's.

In the meantime, I link up with the following blogs, so be sure to check each of them out.

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