Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday June 6

Good Morning! It's yard sale day. I am so thankful to have this laptop so I can earn on here with the little bits I am earning at the sale.

Yesterday I totally forgot to write my blog until it was after supper time. It was my usual day of late with going here and going there. When I wasn't running I was still looking through all I could to get ready for the yard sale.

Nothing productive going on. I did get into reallysmart deals and get 100 of my blujay items listed to rotate while I looked through books on the bookshelf. Reallysmartdeals is geared towards what you have for sale on auctions and other such websites. If interested, it's a great exchange.

I need to go through and upodate my homeschoolbuy auctions. I even found some more books that I want to get listed too. That won't get done into next week. The bathroom is being redone here at least Monday and Tuesday and we aren't allowed to be home 9-3 each day due to them taking down lead based paint.

Guess I will move along...and try to find a way to plug in this laptop before the battery is totally gone.

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday June 4

Good Morning!
Short and sweet as I need to run out the door soon and take baby Jacob to the pediatrician. When we took him for his 2 day newborn check at the hospital they had a little concern over the weight loss and jaundice so scheduled him in to the doctor this morning.

After that appointment I should be able to stay home the rest of the day. I sure hope so! I have 2 more shelves of books to look through and then I want to start getting toys looked through. The sale is Saturday so I'm really running out of time.

I didn't do much on the computer yesterday. I did find some internet connection as I drove my mom around but she was never in any one place long enough for me to earn more than a few cents here and there. If no connection then I entertained myself playing solitaire.

I've put my sewing machine away. Sunday at church I was telling the lady's of sewing club that I am having trouble putting my quilt squares together so they got together and set up June 16 for a sewing club. I will wait until then and get some instructions from those who know what they are doing!

I better run...don't want that baby to be late :) Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday June 3

Good Morning!
Just getting in a few things online before leaving to take my mom around on her payday.
With any luck I can find wireless sometimes along the routes, although it's mostly useless because she's not in any one place for very long.

I didn't get too far looking through books last night. I started on the educational shelf and seems most of those I still want to keep in hopes of using them with Jasmine.
When the pastor came to visit Liz and Jacob at the hospital I told him I needed to use a few of the older tables from church again and he said that was fine.

Speaking of Liz and Jacob...I got them home at 2 pm yesterday....sheesh, she only had him at 11:05 am the day before. I did post a few more photos in a post on gather... Jacob After His Bath 6/1/09 I took a few photos yesterday...maybe only 2. It was a wild day with others needing my transportation too. I was torn between here and there until supper time.

Today won't be any different with running mom to 10 or so places, then we take the baby back to the hospital at 2 pm for another check up.

The 8 glasses a day challenge ended yesterday on gather. It's been fun, educational and healthful. I'm going to continue to buy the Crystal Light. If you are interested, here are each of my 8 journals that I posted:
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 1
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 2
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 3
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 4
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 5
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 6
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 7
8 Glasses a Day Challenge Journal Day 8

One other thing I did yesterday was to update my lensography on squidoo. I added in a photo of Jacob and added in the lenses I've built since last updating that page. Marsha's Lensography

With that I am going to say to have a nice Wednesday...I'm off and running!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday June 2

Good Morning! I wanted to get a post in today before another long day starts.

Yesterday was a big day! Up early to take my daughter to the hospital to have the baby. I have the following post and videos on gather so far and more to share today. 11:05 am 8 lb 12 oz New Born Jacob Alexander 6/1/09 and Newborn Jacob with Mommy.

I'm heading up now to take my bath, then I need to take my son to Wendy's to talk to his boss. After that it's back to the hospital to be with Elizabeth and Jacob. I think Chris was going back to work today. They are doing the circumcision today..probably it's already done.

I miss Jasmine terribly while she is at camp!! And, I'm sad to think she is also going next year. Yes, I need to let go and let her be a kid, make more friends and have a good time. I'm hoping Steve and I can go to the movies tonight. I have 2 free passes and I want to see the new Night at the Museum at the Smithsonian.

I better be off and running. I should be able to be home most of tomorrow and on through the rest of the week, but we have very few days left to get more things found and prices for the yard sale coming up this Saturday.

Have a good day!
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