Sunday, December 13, 2009

Walgreen's Shopping 12/13/09

Back from my Walgreen's shopping for this week. I did spend some time on the list...looking through the ads and reading blogs. I printed out some coupons, used some Walgreen's coupons and the $9 in Register Rewards (RR) I had from shopping with Steve the other day.

I bought:

3 cans of Hunt's tomato sauce using Walgreens coupon to get them 3 for $1. I then used a manufacturers coupon for $1 off 3. (free)

2 Boxes of Jello, used Walgreens coupon to get them for .39 each. I then used a manufacturer coupon for .50 off 2 (.14 each)

3 pairs of Ravinia knee high pantyhose with Walgreens coupon making them 3 for $1.

Pantene 24.5 oz shampoo and conditioner in one...on sale for $5.99, I used $2 manufacturers coupon from vocal point. I got $2 in RR's for buying it.

Bag of Walgreens peppermint patties, not on sale... .99 ( I had intended on using the 2 for $1 Walgreens coupon for 4 cans of Campbell's Gravy and then using $1/4 coupon but my store doesn't sell it, so I had to replace the $1 with something else to use al 3 of my RR's in the end)

Ziploc 25 count storage bags, $1.99 with Walgreen's coupon

72 package of paper plates, .99 with Walgreen's coupon

In total I saved $6.46 with Walgreen's coupons, $3.50 manufacturers coupons and used $9 in RR's. I paid out of pocket $1.14!! .90 of that was sales tax. I have the $2 RR to mess with next week.

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