Friday, February 1, 2013

Frugal Friday with Marsha --linky included

It's Friday again, and the first day of February too!  It's my oldest daughters 27th birthday today.  Frugally, we are baking her cake from a mix  :)

I've had more coupon shopping trips.  I didn't take pictures of all of them, but here are a 3 of them:
 Spent $53.56.  Used $79.48 coupons.  72% total savings.

Walmart spent $7.65.  Used $8.50 in coupons.  Price matched the milk to $1.99 sale at Aldi.

Spent $12.74.  Coupons used: $47.96.  86% total savings and I rec'd a $3 catalina for my next shopping trip.

My total coupon savings for January 2013 was $579.70!!   Yes, I think I can beat my 2012 total coupon savings of $2, 071.03.

This week's share from the 99 Cent Solutions book are ways to use toothbrushes:

1.  Put a toothbrush to grate use.  Have trouble getting cheese, or carrot pieces off of your grater?  Just use a toothbrush to clean the grater.

2.  Tame your brows.  If your eyebrows are going every which way, just spray a toothbrush with a light coating of hair spray and brush them down.

3.  Get dirt out of the grout.  Use an old toothbrush to get in the crevices of your grout.  Also around the faucet.

4.  Brush before you, not your teeth, but your fruits and vegetables.  Especially brush those mushrooms, asparagus and peppers with a toothbrush before throwing them in the pot.  You will get off a lot more of the dirt and such that you normally would miss.

Your turn!


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Date Night Giveaway!

Teeple’s Testosterone is giving away a copy of their new book I’m Still Sexy So What’s Up with Him? and a pair of movie tickets to one of my readers! Perfect for a date night!

The Teeples personally struggled with some inexplicable health and relationship problems, until Dr. Teeple had his blood tested. At just 33 years old - he found out that he had the testosterone level of an eighty-year-old man! Simply knowing this helped him get his “T” back on track... and restore his health, mood, relationship, and vitality!

Quick STATS on Low “T”
- Low Testosterone affects over 40% of men over 45 years old.
- Only 5% of these men will be diagnosed.
- Low Testosterone is nearly 100% curable.

Symptoms of having Low “T”
- Loss of Sexual Desire
- Fatigue
- Unexplained Weight Gain
- Poor Concentration
- Moodiness

Bottom line: A healthy testosterone level can be the key to supercharging your relationship, health, and sex life.

To get the word out, Dr. Teeple created Teeple's Testosterone Test blog app! Take the test to see if you or your partner are at-risk for having Low “T” - and the test will generate an action plan filled with tips for boosting your Testosterone!

Use the rafflecopter form below to enter for your chance to win a copy of the book I'm Still Sexy So What's Up With Him? and a pair of movie tickets to help you with an awesome date night. Giveaway ends February 9 at 12:01 am EST.

Disclaimer: Information was sent to me by partnershub and in promotion of the Teeple’s Testosterone Test. I was not compensated for this posting. Prizes are the responsibility of the sponsor.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Squidoo Hopping--February

Since tomorrow is February 1 (already!), let's make this week's theme February.    Share 1 or 2 of your lenses that have anything to do with February.

I only happen to have one lens, which is my history lens.  My oldest daughter will celebrate her 27th birthday tomorrow.  Even though she has 5 children it's still hard to believe that many years have gone by!

I didn't make my goals last week with squidoo, but I did work hard on them.  Here's hoping that this next week brings me lots of motivation to get to work!


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