Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday August 7

Good Morning!
I've already been out and taken my son's girlfriend to court...home and got myself all ready for the day....and all of today's designated housework is complete! That means that pretty much the rest of the day is mine to accomplish whatever else I see fit.

I just posted on gather My Daughter and Her Boyfriend Got Their Laptops Stolen! The full story is there, but I guess it was pretty wild.
Yesterday I got one of the book review lenses done on squidoo too. Forever By Judy Blume Book Review

I didn't have to take anyone anywhere again yesterday so it was a productive day. We got all of Jasmine's stuff that is moved over here so far up into the bedroom upstairs. I did all of my online stuff. I fixed breakfast for supper which was really good.

Today I have to take Jasmine for shots this afternoon and we will eat out for supper tonight. I wonder where we will go tonight? It's supposed to get up to 101 today and tomorrow so looks like we should be able to get in swimming both days. I sure hope so. It's a good time spent in the I do exercises in there.

Off I go for the rest of the day. Here's hoping your weekend starts off great.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday August 6

Good Morning!
Yesterday was such a nice day. I actually got to spend a lot of family time over running everyone around.
This morning I've been booking along both on the computer and on the house. My daughter finally broke down and decided she would use the bedroom upstairs until her room down here is complete. We are working on getting her clothes and stuff taken up there. I'm so happy to get this futon mattress out of the middle of the living room floor down here. It also means more room in my closet so I can work on getting the rest of my clothes moved over here as well as the rest of her clothes.

I got both of the book reviews in on gather yesterday: Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich--Book Review and Forever by Judy Blume--Book ReviewI will get the squidoo lenses built on them when I can. The lenses take longer since I put more research into building them.

Clixsense, hits4pay and dealsncash have all been having lots of paid links lately. Please check out my banners at the bottom of my blog for banners on these programs.

I think all I might have to do today is take my mom to the dr. this afternoon. I will go to her house a bit early and see what else I can pack to move. It's a stormy day so far. I plan on making breakfast for supper tonight so one thing I need to get is my large griddle to cook on. I love breakfast foods any time of the day.

Guess I better get my daily post up on gather and then get back to taking Jasmine's clothes upstairs. We have a bookshelf that I also am in hopes of getting painted today.

Have a great Thursday,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday August 5

Good Morning!
Look at me actually posting 2 days in a row LOL

I got up early this morning and got the bedding to washing. We then went out for breakfast to a small cafe. That was really nice. Here in about an hour we are heading to Arby's for lunch. Today's special is buy your drink and get a free roast beef sandwich. I think we are planning on grilling chicken for supper. So much for that 8 lbs I had lost!

It was supposed to be 101 degrees today. I actually looked forward to a hot afternoon to get in the swimming pool. It's still in the 70's though with much cloud cover out there. Can't predict the weather!

I just updated My First Quilt squidoo lens. The next update will be once the quilt is finished!

I spent over an hour on the phone with Lexmark yesterday. I couldn't get my scanner to work since hooking it up to the laptop with Vista (ggrrrr). They took remote of my computer and got me all fixed up. I will be posting 2 book reviews to gather later today, I hope. Then when I have the time I will get those book reviews made into lenses on squidoo.

Off I go to get the bed remade before we head out for lunch. It's been a good day so far. I hope you all have a great one.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday August 4

Good Morning!
Sunday was a good family day. I went to church. Afterwards we got the nephews on their way home and I took my grandson back to my mom's. After all that we went shopping at Wal Mart and then went bowling. After bowling we went out to eat at Fazoli's It was a really great day.
Yesterday (Monday) was just an exhausting day. It was my mom's social security dy which always means about 4 hours of running her to places. However, it was also my son and his girlfriends payday and my middle daughter's boyfriends payday as well. I also always run them on their paydays too. It was a very full...very long...very hot day. To top off the payday running my middle daughter had a dentist appt and my mom a foot dr. appt. as well!

I was so tired last night that I fell into bed and went to sleep immediately! I even slept through all of the midnight alarms. I can't believe it, but I hope I got the rest I needed.

I've been busy with housework and computer this morning and feeling pretty productive.

No internet things to share today. I didn't post but 1 thing in 2 days on gather. I did do a quick update on Our Unschooling Journey 3 squidoo lens. This next Saturday it's time to start part 4. Later today Jasmine and I will be going through all the school books and such getting ready for this school year.

Back to work for me.
Have a great Tuesday.
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