Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday February 21

Good Morning! I don't know about the weather. It's a cold, crisp, windy day out there now under a blue sky. It was a nice spring like day yesterday, but last night the winds were so high they were howling through the house.

All my plans today have to do with the computer...updating at squidoo, doing what I can on gather. While one here I will be crocheting on one of the other plarn patterns I want to try. I cut the plastic bags for it yesterday.

I got 2 magnetic bracelets made and listed on blujay yesterday. Therefore I decided to update my blujay squidoo lens. Marsha's Blujay

I'm excited to be able to drive to church tomorrow morning! As of now, the van is still running, and I am still praying it continues to run until April when my son is out and can assess well as while I try to save the money up needed towards getting it fixed!

Today will be short and sweet so that I can move on to my other projects.
Have a great Saturday!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday February 20

Good Morning!
Looks like I have to take my mom back to her chiropractor this morning, he didn't adjust her right. I also have to take my granddaughter for shots this afternoon since my daughter can't do the needles.

I found something cool yesterday! It's called You earn points towards rewards while you learn about going green. Share in blogs, recycle, play games and so much more to earn those points.

I'm sitting here this morning while I work online finishing up the rest of the magnetic bracelets to get them listed on blujay. I need to keep busy on the crafts and getting them listed in hopes of selling some things. It's going to take a lot of sales to get that motor fixed in the van.

Yesterdays squidoo lens to update was my book review lens on The Vision Board. I updated to add the list of all my book review lenses and added follow me on twitter as well. The Vision Board Book Review

Off to see if my mother is ready to go. Have a great start to your weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday February 19

Good Morning! Yesterday seemed super cold because the wind was blowing so hard. So far this morning it's cold out but just a breeze...makes a big difference on how cold I feel.
I ended up not only taking the girls to Awanas yesterday evening but taking my daughter and granddaughters to the health dept to get signed up for WIC..that was an unexpected 2 hours away from home. The only place I should have to go today is to take my mom to the doctor.
I still have most of my housework to do yet this morning, which includes sorting and putting away 4 loads of laundry!

I need to get busy and get more posting done on gather other than my usual 2 posts that I do each day. I have several photos on my camera to share.
It boils down to me trying to do way too many thing both online and offline!

Yesterday I updated my online parties squidoo lens. Online Parties

How about an early start to the weekend? There is no school here tomorrow for an inservice day for the teachers. wahoo!! that means I can sleep in a bit in the morning!

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday February 18

Good Morning. We sure enjoyed the 72ยบ weather yesterday. Today's high is in the 40's.
It ended up being a strange day for sure. I left the house about noon, and I was so busy running I didn't even get back on the computer until this morning! All sites I had opened and was working in were still here. Days away from the computer like that are probably good for me every now and then.
The only place I plan on going today is to take the girls to Awanas this evening!! Otherwise I'm going to see just what I can do and earn on the computer.

I got some great mail yesterday! I got a prize package from a gather member for a contest she ran. I also got my grand prize (plus other prizes) package from the Under the Rainbow Sweetheart Celebration. (Don't forget, we are taking sign ups now for the Spring Fling Celebration at Under the Rainbow )

I'm figuring out twitter, I think it will be a nice asset to get my posts and lenses seen more. Just get those followers up there!

I updated my homeschooling lens yesterday on squidoo. I added a featured lenses module. Each day I am updating one lens. Homeschooling

Off I go.....have a great day no matter what you are doing today!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday February 17

Yay! It's no longer a holiday so we will get mail today and the bank will be open. Yesterday seemed like such a long day. I did get a lot done though.

Today's plans include getting to the bank to cash my check, taking my daughter's boyfriend to cash his check and buy a few things, taking my mom to her dr. appt, and then bowling this evening. I already did most of my housework for the day, so any time home can be spent here on the computer.

Here is a post I did on gather on how my Valentines Day went. Dinner, a Movie and a Quilt Mat

I didn't do much at all on squidoo yesterday. I did update the unschooling journey lens on Saturday as well as my hometown lens. I added a couple more pics and a featured lens module to my hometown lens. I think it's looking better. Hutchinson, Kansas Now I just need to figure out how to twitter it when I update or build. The message said my twitter setting weren't right. I changed them but maybe it just takes time to take affect so I will check that out again today.

It's supposed to be a high of 67 today. It's rather cloudy out, but then again, the temp is to drop to a high of 42 tomorrow. I hope the weather is improving where the rest of you all are. I know some places have been hit hard by winter!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday February 16

Good Morning, almost noon! It wasn't until about supper time last night that I realized I hadn't typed in my daily blog.
Valentines day went well. Steve took me out to dinner, then we watched a movie, and he bought me a quilt mat.
Yesterday was just a strange day...I did a lot online, but not near the things that I usually do.

I got the van back. He insists he really needs to give me my money back but to drive it a bit longer while it's running since I need transportation. Who knows...I want to keep it and try to figure out how to replace the rod since the body and interior are in great shape.

My daughter got busy and uploaded 40 photos to gather this morning. If you will, please stop by and check them out. Liz's Photo Page

I did another book review squidoo lens yesterday. This one is on Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume. 49th lens, so just one more to go before I can apply for giant squid status! Tiger Eyes Book Review

I also went to register for twitter finally, only to realize that I joined over 2 years ago. I'm learning there. If you twitter, please add me, marsha32.

Until tomorrow, have a great day!
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