Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trying to stay busy.

Once again I woke up late this morning. I have NO idea how I am going to get back up early again starting on Monday. This time change is kicking me.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time upstairs and not on the computer. I finsished crocheting the rug for in front of the recliner. I started working on crocheting a rainbow colored rag rug, but got stopped when I realized I have no green t-shirts cut up. I love the rainbow colors though, they are so pretty. Then I just got started on a regular rug, and worked until I ran out of materials. Guess I will go out on the look out today for more t-shirts to use.

I just got done buying at ebay through Big Crumbs. Did you know that you can go through Big Crumbs to make your ebay purchases and earn cash back?? It's awesome! Plus there are hundreds of other places to shop and get money back as well. The best part about Big Crumbs, compared to the other shopping sites, is that they pay you to your paypal each month with NO minimum!

One last item for today. I got another lot of sewing patterns listed on ebay. This is a lot of 22 Misses size 12 patterns.

thanks for reading toda!


Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm having a hard time saying Thank God It's Friday today. We have been on spirng brak this week which means come Monday its back to work and back to taking my grandson to school and picking him up each day.
I'm sorry that I forgot the s in Thursday in yesterday post LOL Seen it later in the day.

I got busy last night sorting through this big box of sewing patterns. I have sorted them somewhat and will be listing them in lots on ebay. I got the first lot listed today .

I tried to list another lot on mompack auctions but my listing disappearing into cyberspace. I have a message to the group asking for help why this happened.

I updated my profile at Yuwie today too. If you don't know, Yuwie is like myspace only you get PAID for doing all the things you do at myspace. I'm still learning how it all works, but if you would like to see my profile you can see it here

Thats all for this morning, have another great day!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Thurday

The day started out pretty productive, even though I still slept in later than I wanted to.

I got up and got busy on here. Got to surfing at reallysmartdeals. This is the optimal traffic exchange if you have items for auction at various sites. The exchange is geared towards listing your auctions, but does allow any website to be rotated where you are selling anything. The link is if you would like to check that out.

I got some business cards printed out and got most of them cut and sorted. I also got some t-shirts cut up to make my crocheted rag rugs. Then, I finally got busy scanning pics of the washcloths that I crochet. I will be putting them up on my table site with Under The Rainbow, where they will be discounted as in stock crafts.

I got my new item posted on ebay....a 10th Grade Literature book entitles Elements of Literature.

Last night I ran across a box of patterns we had bought a few years back. We never did get into the sewing so I will be sorting the patterns and getting them listed by lots on ebay soon.

Guess thats it for this Thursday. May you all have a prosperous day.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Busy Day!

We were expecting a home visitor this morning so I got up and straightened up the house. He ended up with an emergency and didn't make it.
Today is my payday so off I went to get my check, cash it and pay a couple bills.

Once home I got busy with the girls on some school work, then had lunch. Finally some time now on the computer, but not much. Soon we are off for dentist appointments. Once home it will soon then be time to head to church. This is our last week of Lent to have a soup supper at church. After the service I have a church council meeting.

I did get my daily listing at ebay done. Today its the Sewing Made Easy Book.

Hopefully I have more time to concentrate on getting my auctions seen and working on my paid to click programs.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

mompack auctions

Yesterday, while surfing and chatting at Traffic Bunnies, someone is the chat reminded me of mompack auctions. I signed up there awhile back but forgot about it. There are NO fees whatsoever to list there.

I got busy and posted several auctions at mompack. I hope you will take a look and keep coming back as I will be adding more items.

While I am here, you might also want to check out Traffic Bunnies traffic exchange. Its by far the best and funnest I have come across yet. Watch your surf bar climb and for every 25 sites you surf you win a prize!

See you later,

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hi everyone

Several times over the past few years I have tried to get into, at yahoo, at a homeschool blog site, but never kept up.
I'm trying it again.

I'm just going to start by introducing myself. I am Marsha, and I live in Kansas. I am a single parent. We are a home school family.
I enjoy reading, doing crafts (crocheting and plastic canvas mostly). I really enjoy my time on the internet where I regularly list items up for auction on ebay and homeschoolbuy.
We recently moved in with my mother. That would be myself and the 2 daughters that I have left at home. Heather is 16 and Jasmine is 11. My oldest daughter also moved in here with her boyfriend and her 4 children, so we have quite the houseful. Never a dull moment around here!

If interested, here are my listing pages at both auction sites:

I have my own website which I call Gifts Galore and More which features crafts and other gift items. Its gracioulsy hosted by Ralyn and Under The Rainbow.

I also have some of my craft items listed in Ralyns Craft mall which you will find here:
This is my affiliate link for her mall.

I am really into my paid to click programs. Most of what I do is thru a really great program called Marketing Pond. It is run by Valerie. She really values her users and takes a lot of time researching programs.
You can check out the programs here 1) MarketingPond URL:
2) Program list URL:
EVERYTHING Valerie lists is FREE to join and earn!

I do some online parties to sell my crafts and there is another great celebration coming up with Under The Rainbow is April. I will have more details on that soon.

I think I will call this good for now. I will be posting on a regular basis so I hope you will come back and get to know me and all that I do better.


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