Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday October 25

Good Morning.
We made it through last night with no one sick (that I know of) I really figuredI would be typing this after my trip to the library book sale.
The granddaughters are waking up down here. I will wake Jasmine up when I am done typing this for her to go with me to the book sale.

I haven't been doing at gather what I should, so today I will share a video with you of some of Willo's first steps.

Since I won't have time this morning to play over at winster I'm going to head on in the msn live and play a few games there, then do winster once I am home. If you haven't checked out the msn live games, they are really neat and I've gotten in a lot of things with my points I earn to use towards Christmas, or other, gifts.

I better run for this day. Have a glorious day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday October 24

Good Morning.
Not a good morning for Jasmine, she is sick to her stomach. It hit my oldest daughter earlier this week. I suppose we will all have to take our turn whether we like it or not.
The only plans I have for today is my flu shot this morning.
Tomorrow's plans include the book sale at the public library, picking up my food order from Angel Foods Ministry and helping to serve at our fundraising German dinner at church from 4-7 pm. So, as you can see, tomorrow would not be a good day for the Lord to decide it's my turn to be sick!!

This week's color at the gather group Rainbow Connection is actually 2 colors, black and orange. I am going to share the photo essay I put in on a monarch butterfly. Fresh From the Cocoon--Black and Orange Photo Essay

I'm hoping for more time today to spend in to get those points really going for my next $50 amazon. For now, I am off to also post this on yuwie and then to play my winster games before heading out for my flu shot.

Have a good day,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday October 23

Good morning!
It's still rainy, windy and pretty cold outside. The weather is turning too cold too fast for me. The furnace is running and running. I went ahead and plugged in my space heater down here in the basement last night.
Except for a glitch in the bathroom sink, the plumbing is fixed! The plumber will be back today with the part he needs for that sink. He doesn't repair his damage to walls and such, and not sure if Interfaith Housing will do it, but for us it's worth it just for it all to be fixed.

Today is one of my busy days. This morning we (my mom, myself and my oldest daughter, Elizabeth) all get to get commodities. This will hold us over until the 8th of next month with the Angel Ministry food Liz and I will pick up this Saturday.
After work I take Heather to her math tutoring, then a bit later in the afternoon I take my mom to her dr. appt. I am hoping to get in my Walgreens shopping this afternoon as well.

The gather article I want to share today is on our local flea market. Last Weekend of the Flea Market Hutchinson, KS October 18, 2008 (with photos)
Gather put in their new albums in the photo sharing portion. I spent all afternoon and in to the evening getting my photos put in to albums. It's a pretty neat feature.

I need to move on and see if I can get my winster spins done before we have to go pick up that food. I slept in 20 minutes later than I should have.

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday October 22

Good Morning!
I am letting Allen stay home from school today. Poor little guy had quite the ordeal at the dentist yesterday. The tooth they were pulling was stubborn and it took well over an hour to get it out. They ended up having to cut the tooth in half, then on one side leaving the tip of the root in.
Bowling went better than I thought last night and I did enjoy myself. We aren't winning like last year, but for me it's for fun anyway.
The plumber has been working away here at mom's. All that is left now is the bathtub fixtures and piping to change out. He's made a big mess down here, but I can't wait for him to get done today so that I can get it all cleaned up, the floor swept and mopped etc. Then, no more worries about drips, leaks, etc.

Today I will share part 5 of the Rod Run at gather. They are changing the photo area where we can make albums for our photos, there seems to be a glitch right away but if they get it fixed it will work out well. Rod Run October 3-5, 2008 Photos Part 5

Moving on now I go to play at winster for this morning.

Have a good day,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday October 21

Good morning!
I did get a call in to the doctor yesterday morning about my back. They are to call me back if they can squeeze me in this week as the doctor will be out of town next week. That's always the way it goes, and so far they have not called me back so I need to call them back, or just go in to the same day care unit there to be seen.

I did get the 4 new squidoo lenses listed over here on the side.
I also listed all my lenses on my profile at yuwie...doesn't hurt anyway to do so. Not sure if I will end up building anymore or not until I see what these do, other than the book review ones that I have in mind.

It seems I did a lot of posting on gather yesterday...more than usual. Today I would like to announce a contest I am running over there. It's a comment contest and the winner will receive a free one hour party spot at the Under the Rainbow's Christmas Celebration. Contest!! Win a free party spot at Under the Rainbow!

Usual Tuesday stuff, Heather to math tutoring, mom to her dr appt and bowling this evening. With what's going on with my daughter, I don't even look forward to's a sad situation.

On a good note, Interfaith Housing has gotten started on the plumbing here. The plumber thought oh, he could just replace the piping under the kitchen sink and it would stop the water from coming down the basement wall...I tried to tell him it was more than that. Now the plumber is in a bad mood because it's going to be a lot more work than he thought, and he's not happy about it! He's started now so I assume he must finish the work. He's to be back here for the day in about 30 minutes.

I'm off for now, so I will leave you with wishes to have the best day that you can.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday October 20

Good Morning. Already the 20th....seems this month is going by fast.
Having trouble getting my grandson to cooperate this morning for school and his mother didn't show up to take him. Ten more minutes and he is late and he's still not dressed or had any breakfast. gggrrrrrr......

I still didn't take the time to get my newest squidoo lenses listed on the side there, maybe I might get that done by tomorrow. Not sure what today is going to bring. I really need to get to the doctor and find out what is wrong that is making my back hurt so bad. If I call and can get in this morning then I will call in and not go to work.

Today I am sharing part 4 of my photos from the Rod Run. Rod Run October 3-5, 2008 Photos Part 4

On I go now to play at winster, I am just over half way to my next $5 amazon there.

Have a good day,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday October 19

Good Morning. I am getting my post in before church this morning. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful weather day. Forecast is calling for more rain and cooler weather though starting Tuesday.
I did get both craft orders done and ready to mail yesterday, that was a plus. I have an online friend now that wants me to make up several items and send them to her and she will sell them where she works. I will be working on that stuff this coming week and hopefully mailing her a package on Friday. The holidays are coming up and it's really nice of her to make the offer to help me out.

I built 4 more lenses on squidoo yesterday, but haven't gotten listed on the side here yet. I hope you will check them out when I do. I made one on Dora the Explorer, one on Tweety Bird, one on Betty Boop and one on the homeschoolbuy website.

I got in part 4 of the Rod Run photos at gather yesterday and will do part 5 today, but for today I want to share my weekly Mail call post. Mail Call! Week of October 12

I better get on upstairs and get the grandkids dressed and fed so we aren't late for Sunday school. Allen is having his communion classes right now during the Sunday school hour.

Have a glorious day,
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