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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 7/31/14

Here it is, the last day of July. Let's get squidooing!!

Ok, mostly that is probably for myself. I've visited lots of lenses this past week, but haven't done any updating to my own. Surprisingly they are all still out of WIP status.
I have my binder out and ready to get some updating once I am done with this post.

It looks like I had one small sale this past week. Of course payday for it will be in September at least. That's ok, every bit helps me get to that $25 payment threshold.

Last week while updating I ran into a lens that I had trouble getting to 100%. It was down for low quality content. I went through it adding words in the amazon module for the books that we have, or have checked out from the library. I put more words under the pictures. I even put words with the youtube videos.
This lens has a lot of allposters. I removed one of those and it finally went to 100%. I actually thought it still had too many so I took out a couple more as well.

How is your squidoo going?
I look forward to visiting your blogs and lenses this week!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday 7/30/14

Good Wednesday!

My main 'sewing' project this past week has been my attempt to get my sewing/craft room back into 'working' order.
As ashamed as I am, I'm going to show you the before picture.  Of course this is only one section of the room, mostly my crafting desk and the area in front of it.
It already looks so much better.  I actually have the desk cleared off and my cutting mat, 2 sewing machines and my tabletop ironing board back in place.
I also put away a trashbag and 2 boxes of fabric into their places.
I also hammered nails into the wall all down one side and in a few other places and have my projects hanging in bags.   I will get there!!

I was gone from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening at a Women's Encounter.  I took my red hexagon flowers with me figuring I could at least work on them on the bus there and back.
I did work on them on the way there and back, but didn't get a whole lot done.
This is for the scrappy rainbow challenge with the soscrappy blog.  You can find the button at the bottom of this post.
July's color has been red.  I look forward to what next month's color will be.  It's really motivating me to keep working on my hexagons.

We have another WIP going on with our house right windows in the living room.  Poor guys are out there working in the rain.

Here is my current UFO list: (I have removed all of the finished projects from the list)
Rectangle quilt
challenge wall hanging
GoodNight Irene quilt/wall hanging
Yo-Yo Table runner
Hexagon table topper
Emerald Island Fusique table runner
Sunflower table runner and matching placemats
Five and Dime quilt
34 Hot Pads
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha 7/25/14

How has your week been? It's been a hot one here in Kansas with triple digit temps.

I picked up some Irises from the freecycle list. I cleared an area in the front garden and planted them. I already forgot what colors she said they were so I hope to be surprised next season.

I picked more tomatoes from the garden. We ate a couple of them with supper. I cut the rest of them up into 2 bags and put them in the freezer for cooking this winter.
I have more in the window now. There are a few more out on the 2 plants in one planter. I have 2 stray tomato plants in with the strawberries and cucumbers, I assume that grew out of the compost. One of those plants has a tomato and the other one is just now flowering, so it looks like we may still end up with more.

I'm leaving later today and going for the weekend to the Women's Encounter. I hope to enjoy the weekend away and that the time away will motivate me and keep me going.
I hadn't been looking forward to going because of worry of too many things I should be doing instead. Now I'm actually looking forward to going.
My way was paid by scholarship. Even it hadn't been, it's only $100 to go on the trip. Considering that includes the bus there, 2 nights, and all the meals and snacks, that is a super decent price!

This past week we hit an estate sale. We went on Saturday, the 3rd day of the sale, and the last 30 minutes of the sale. They were really giving deals trying to get rid of more stuff.
I had spotted 5 boxes of fabric. Each box was marked $14 and $15 each. When she asked if there was anything I was interested I told her the fabric. She told me all 5 boxes were mine for just $5!!!
Another good deal that I got was a box of stuff for the grandkids--crayons, markers, chalk, farm animals, building toys, a game, and 2 frisbees for $2.
I also picked up a shoebox full of notepads and such for $1 and another box that had glue sticks, ribbon and things to make earrings for $1.
Then......hubby said he would love to have the organ.
They had it marked $200 and told him $25. You guessed it, we now have an organ! It's pictured below. It's a Hammond.

I can't wait to see what you all have to share this week.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 7/24/14

I hope this week I find you all doing well in squidoo land.
I wonder what day the CSS will disappear?  I know I went a little crazy when I learned about it and did several of my lenses up with colored backgrounds and such.

In fact, just the other day I was in on of my book review lenses and the review itself just wasn't standing out.  I put a border around it.  Nothing over the top, just so that someone would actually spot the review.  Now that is going to be gone!  Back to square one of trying to figure out how to make it stand out.
Is there html that will do the same thing?  It all looked like html to me!   I didn't know what CSS even was until I looked at the examples.

hhmm   maybe text modules above and below the review with the squiggly line html......if those codes are html.

Anyway....I have kept all of my lenses out of WIP since last Friday so that's good.  I continue to update a minimum of 3 lenses each day and make notes on different ways that I can update each one.
I still have lots of my 146 lenses that I've not gotten to at all.

Question:  What are you best suggestions for updating the lenslets?  We are limited to modules.
Last night I updated one, but what I did was change out an amazon item for something else.

I can't wait to see what blog posts and lenses you share with us this week.
I'm going to continue sharing 2 of my lenses that are hovering the 87,000 ranking  (is it 87,000 or 85,000 the lowest it can be for ad revenue?)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday 7/23/14

It's been a pretty good week.  I didn't get anything done except some hand stitching.
We bought an organ at an estate sale, which meant a lot of work taking out the large computer desk from the living room.
If you recall, I had turned that desk into a sewing station bringing one of my machines in here so that I could sew and still watch tv.
Now my sewing room is even a worse disaster area than it was.

The organ isn't all we bought.  We went to the estate sale on the 3rd day and 30 minutes before closing so they were giving good deals.
When asked if I seen anything I was interested in, I told them yes, the boxes of fabric.
Actually there were 5 boxes of fabric and each was marked $14 or $15.   I actually had gone through them and picked out one that I was going to see what she would say on it.
I didn't even have to ask.  When I told her I was interested she told me to take all 5 boxes for $5!!!

I have lots of work to do to get my craft room in order.  It's not easy to work when you aren't organized.   I already had at least 3 boxes and a trash bag of fabrics that had been given to me plus 2 or 3 trashbags of sheet sets that we got from my husband's mom's house.
Yes, I do have my work cut out for me!

I finished the sunflower table runner and I barely have a start on sewing the binding down on the place mats.
I completed a couple more hexagon flowers in red for the soscrappy challenge of red for July.
I'm off this weekend to a Women's Encounter.  I don't know how much time I will have to work on them there, but I fully intend to work on them on the bus trip there and back home.
I also worked more on the hand sewing on the hexagon table topper.  I'm not sure you can see much in the photo, but if the pin is out then that hexagon is sewn around.
Last but not least, I got all of the backs cut for the 34 hot pads.  It's a must for me to get that sewing room back in order and get to sewing.
I'm so glad to still have at least 4 yards of the polka dot fabric as it will be awesome for the lining of the fabric bags that I also need to get to work on.

I've decided to remove the NewFO portion of my list.   I still have the list in word and will move those things to the WIP portion if and when I ever get to those.  I really need to concentrate on what I already have going over starting yet another project!  I'm also removing the projects that I am finished with.
Rectangle quilt
challenge wall hanging
GoodNight Irene quilt/wall hanging
Yo-Yo Table runner
Hexagon table topper
Emerald Island Fusique table runner
Sunflower table runner and matching placemats
Five and Dime quilt
34 Hot Pads

Boy that is still a lot, but looks like a lot less with the finished taken off!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

#Spellbinders Celebra'tions Collection Review and Giveaway

Introducing Spellbiners Celebra'tions by Richard Garay.
He was inspired by his passion for paper crats, event hosting, and handmade greetings to design his like to help you achieve beautiful results every time.

All pieces in the Spellbinders Celebra'tions collection is coordinated, cheerful, and bright.
The collection includes dies and stamp sets, paper, and inks.
Create one-of-a-kind cards, gifts, scrapbook layouts and more.

I rec'd 2 kits for the purpose of this review and giveaway---Celebrate Party Hat Card and Best Day Every Treat Bag.

My 17 yr old had an 18th birthday party to attend for a friend.  She and her friend put the kits together.
You can see in my photo that my daughter put her own personal touch to making the card.
Her friend made the bag.
It actually wasn't until they were done that my daughter told me she wanted to use them for gifts.  We chose a small bottle of cologne to put in the bag as part of her gift as well.

Every day is the perfect day for a celebration!!

One lucky Marsha's Spot winner will win the Spellbinders Celebra'tion clear polymer stamp set shown below.
Just enter using the rafflcopter form.   Good luck!
Disclosure:  The Spellbinders brand provided me with a sample of the Spellbinders Celebra'tion Collection in exchange for a product review.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.  They also provided the prize that I will be mailing to my winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, July 18, 2014

Frugal Friday with Marsha 7/18/14

I hope this finds that everyone has had a good week.
It's been cooler here in Kansas. It's only been in the 70's this week, which is sure strange for July.

Hubby's been on vacation this week. I would like to say that we were frugal and stayed home, but really we stayed home because we made no plans and didn't save any money to go anywhere!
He's been really working hard in the yard doing things that should always be kept up to begin with.
I can't say that I've done much.

I did pull a few small cucumbers from the garden yesterday. That was a pleasant surprise to find them. One of these years I just might get this gardening thing and actually be able to grow enough that we would no longer need to buy fruits and veggies from the store.

Otherwise from the garden we've only gotten a few strawberries that we ate right away and a couple of tomatoes. I bought what was labeled as bell peppers but they aren't. They are some sort of super hot pepper. I don't know what kind. I noticed that one of them is turning red now. I have no idea what I'm to do with them.
We did pick lots of snap peas and if I can figure out where I put the rest of those 'seeds', I can plant more like I did last year.
We did cut lettuce and spinach a few times, but not I've allowed it all to go to seed. I think I could still cut leaves.
The overwinter onions aren't the same as regular onions, again, I'm not sure how to use them. I have bags of them cut up in the freezer. I've cooked some of it with ground meat several times. I used the greens in potato soup. There are still lots of onions out there. I've given away quite a few of them to others who can replant the tops and get their own started.
I have wild garlic, but again, I'm not sure how to use it.
Looks like I really should start taking the time to do some research!

When I list is out like that, it doesn't seem like we've done too bad, but really it's not that much.

Thanks to those of you who linked up last week. I hope to see some links this week as well.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 7/17/14

I had hoped I could come in and tell you that as of today all of my lenses are out os WIP status.  Alas, I sill have 2 showing.  I will give them each another update today.

I've been doing one update a day to my Etsy lens as I also work to build my shop back up.
I'm still making sticky notes on my lens pages......I mean using sticky notes in my 3 ring binder, not putting sticky notes with modules  :)

Payday----how was yours?  Mine was $2.82 plus .30 to charity.
I won't know until September whether my updating efforts are gong to make a difference.  I know they have to make a difference, but part of that $2.82 was from a sale.
I have some from a sale that will add to next month.
I know that with the $25 threshold now to get paid I really don't want that to take me over 6 months to reach.  That hardly makes it worth the time I'm spending on my lenses!!

I need to learn to start using the 2 google+ groups that I am in to share more of my lenses.  I do go to some of the lenses that others are posting to the groups.  I am glad that the group posts do come to my email.

This week I'm going to share again 2 of my lenses that are just below the 85,000 ranking.
What will you share this week?


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday 7/16/14

I have tried to stay steadily busy throughout the week working on my sewing and quilting.  As always I have several projects all going at the same time with more waiting in the wings.

I have my version of a five and dime quilt started now.  The 10 inch squares are all cut.   I hope this week to get some sewing done on them.  This is my first time trying this method but when Lynne Hagmeier did the program at our guild I wanted to try her method of sewing on top.
I'm not using the Kansas Troubles fabrics as you can tell.
I'm using plain colored fabrics that were given to me by a friend.  The charm pack that I chose to buy is 30's Playtime and I bought it with a gift certificate from the quilt shop that I won in my stitch group.

I finally have gotten out the hexagon table topper and am working to hand stitch it to the backing.  I'm not putting a center in this one.

I'm still working with red on my hexagons as this month's color in the soscrappy blog color challenge.
They are moving along nicely working on them just a bit each day.  I have 2 hours of needlers group this afternoon that will progress them more today.

I did finish putting on the binding on the scrappy table runner and now have it listed in my etsy shop.
I'm now working little by little to sew down the binding on the sunflower table runner and then get the placemats done too.
Speaking of my etsy shop, it's also a WIP as I am working to 'get back in to business'.  I've listed 2 new items and have chosen to relist several to fill the shop up some.  I'm even working on my Marsha's Spot of ETSY squidoo lens to get it back up to date as well!

Last, but not least, this week I bought a few yards of insulbrite and got more work done on these 34 hot pads.  Excuse my grandson's foot in the photo.  He just turned 13 and thinks he's quite the comedian  LOL   I've had the tops made for awhile, extra blocks from quilt tops that are the right size for hot pads.  These haven't been on my WIP list, but they are now added (as you will see on my lists below)
I am going to back all of these with the same polka dot fabric that I am backing the table topper above with.
Some will be listed in my etsy shop in sets of 2 and others will be put back and given out at Christmas time.

I'm still reading a little each day in The Cross-Country Quilters.  Reading doesn't find time in my daily life as it should, but I'm officially half way done with the book now.   It's so good and I look forward to reading more.

(finished) Log Cabin quilt
 (finished)Log Cabin wall hanging
(finished) Log cabin table runner
Rectangle quilt
(finished) 2 rectangle table runners
challenge wall hanging
GoodNight Irene quilt/wall hanging
(finished) Quilt for sewing club at church
 (Finished) Applique Bunnies quilt
 (Finished) Penny Patch Quilt
Yo-Yo Table runner
Hexagon table topper
(Finished) Spoolin' Around
Emerald Island Fusique table runner
Sunflower table runner and matching placemats
Five and Dime quilt
34 Hot Pads

Spiderweb quilt
Easter wall hanging
Cat wall hanging
Christmas bags (total of at least 25)
Braid table runner
Sunflower pillow
Christmas wall hanging

There you have it for this week!    I am linking up with the following blogs:
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Fulcrum Gallery Offers a Wide Range of Prints

Fulcrum Gallery is your one stop website for wall art and home decor.
Based out of Monmouth Junction, NJ and was launched on October 10, 2002.  It started out featuring view-only artwork from famous artists.  The artists were receiving referrals and orders from the website so they took it a step further.  On September 26, 2003 it became an online store.

You will be in awe of the choices in wall art and home decor.
You will find art by subject as well as art by room.

When I went to the website I already had in mind exactly what I was looking for.
I wanted a picture to hang outside my utility room.
I went to the laundry room area and found this great word art print.

Fulcrum Gallery is offering a 40-50% off sale on their website right now.  You can also save an additional 5% by signing up for their newsletter.

You will find that the prints are very reasonably priced.

Once I had my print chosen, I then chose a frame.  There are several colors and options of frames to choose from.  I found a color to almost exactly match the doors on my utility room as you can see in my photo above.

Then it was time to choose the matting.  Again, there are several choices of colors.  Matting is optional you can choose to have none, but you can also choose to have 2 or 3 if you like!

If you don't want your print framed, you can choose to have it on canvas or laminated.

You can see there are many options.

I am thrilled with my print.  Each order is framed and put on canvas on site as ordered.
Each print is marked on the back with the signature of who framed it and who checked it for quality assurance.
You will notice in my photo of the back of my framed artwork that there is also an extra hanger included.

Again, here is another photo of my framed print.
I ordered

Linda SpiveyMom's Laundry Rules



Disclosure:  I rec'd my choice of print, frame, and matting from for the purpose of this post and review.  I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.

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