Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is it Saturday?

Is it Saturday?? Well, gosh, I stayed up late last night since it was Friday and I could sleep in this morning. My body woke me up by 6:30 am anyway. I went upstairs and my mom and Heather were both awake too LOL. Oh well, the only real thing in my planner for today is cleaning at the church this morning.

To the side here you will see a picture I took yesterday. I completed the hot pad/coaster set and thought that it would look really pretty on the table. I set it up and took the picture before mailing it off to the gal. It so happens, that the gal receiving the hotpad/coaster set is also the one that I bought the tea light centerpiece from that you see in the middle of my table....from At Home America.

Today's ebay listing is a book entitled Making Peace With Food.

I guess that's it for today's blog. The weather is supposed to be super nice today and tomorrow, so here's hoping the same for you too!


Friday, April 18, 2008


Happy Friday! The weather looks like it will be a bit better least not so much rain like we had all day yesterday anyway. They are calling for really nice weather over the weekend.

I think my only away from home obligation today is to take my mom to the dentist.
I got the gal's prize finished of 2 double thick crocheted hotpads and 4 coasters. I think I will place them on my own table and take a picture before putting them in the mail to her today. I have to clear off the table and find my placemats first tho!

Today's ebay listing is another textbook, An Intorduction to Physiological Psychology

I will work on making more dish scrubbies today. I only ended up getting the black ones made that a friend ordered yesterday. I love having ongoing crafts to work on! No idle hands here :)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


We've made it to Thursday. It's raining here. Yesterday's high was almost 80 and today it drops down to a high of 54. It was wonderful for me yesterday, not being cold.

Heather's surgery went great, and she seems to be doing fine. The first thing when getting in the car to go home she wanted to call her boyfriend LOL A mouth jam packed with gauze, she sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher! She laid down most of the way home.

I don't believe there is much on my schedule today. I am still off work today since we were supposed to be at camp. I don't think Heather will be going to her group therapy, but you never know, she might want to go. She has 4 or 5 more weeks to go.

Today's crafts plans are to make all the dish scrubbies that I can with the materials I have on hand.

Today's ebay listing is another set of the Jump Right in Music Curriculum workbooks 3a and 3b.

Have a glorious day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Here I am trying to get what I can done on the computer before leaving this morning to head to Wichita for Heathers surgery. Once it's done though, it will be over...well, minus her pain for a few days. I am so anxious about it, I can only imagine how she is feeling.
Please keep us in your prayers for safe travel there and back home, and for Heather.

Tonight is Awanas for Jasmine, Allen Jr, and Ariel.

Today's ebay listing is The Music Curriculum Jump Right In Workbooks 4 a and 4 b

I am taking my box and going to work on making coasters and cross magnets while we are with Heather. I got some made while we bowled last night. Last night was our last count bowling night and next Tuesday the league ends with fun and awards night. We are in 1st place!! I'm not sure what I will do with my Tuesday evenings open again after 8 months of bowling, but I'm sure I can find something to do LOL

Have a great hump day,

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Camp was Cancelled

:( There wasn't enough interest this year and we got a phone call shortly after I got home from work yesterday telling us that Home School camp had been cancelled.
We are all very disappointed. I had even gotten permission to keep my grandson out of school the rest of this week to go with us. His teacher had put together work for him for the remainder of the week. This morning was tough....all he could say when I was trying to wake him up was that he wanted to do to camp. We all wanted to go.

I'm going to try to make the most of it having these days off work and get some of these boxes looked through here. As soon as I am done typing this I am going to start getting the rest of my books scanned and ready to be listed on auction.

I hope to have a good school work day today and Thursday with the girls with me not having the interruption of having to go to work. We won't get much, if any, school work done tomorrow with going out of town for Heathers surgery.

Today's ebay listing is a Sociology textbook: Urban sociology Images and Structure.

Have the best Tuesday you can,


Monday, April 14, 2008

Off to Camp

Quicky post this morning. The girls and I are off to camp today. I still have a lot to pack.
Heathers dental surgery is Wednesday and depending on how she is feeling we may come back to stay in town Wednesday night, and go back to camp Thursday morning. If that's the case then I will make a post Wednesday evening as well.

I did get my samples made and will mail them today. I will start on my trek of making another 75, but won't be in such a hurry right now.
I didn't get my books scanned either, so that becomes a project for next weekend.d

Today's ebay listing is a book put out by Readers Digest: Live Longer-Live Better

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Always later to post on Sundays. This morning I got up and felt like I was cooking at a restaurant! My boyfriend wanted biscuits and gravy for breakfast but we don't have a working oven. So instead we had eggs, pancakes and sausage. With the 10 of us that live in the house plus him being here too meant cooking for 11 people.

Church went well, I actually remembered after church to clean the altar....unlike last week. That is what happens when yo have a million things rolling around in your mind. We also had a Mexican dinner after church to raise funds for the youth.
Tonight will be the 2nd week of the Bible study, I am looking forward to seeing what I will learn.

Tomorrow evening the girls and I leave for home school camp. I am in the process of packing for that now. Also in the process of finishing up the last 5 samples I need to mail off my box to Sample Gal tomorrow.

Today's ebay listing is a textbook: Fundamentals of Selling-Customers for Life.

Have a great evening!

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