Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday February 28

Here we are to the end of February. Let's hope March brings on Spring! We did get that snow they called for last night but very little. Today's high is only 30, but it goes up to 70 by Tuesday.
We survived the busy day yesterday. I did find out that there is gas getting into the oil in the van. Something that now needs to be taken care of before I bother changing the oil and filter. (sigh)
My aunt and uncle headed out this morning after bringing by some of the photos they took this week.

This evening I am going out with Steve to a bowling dinner and party. I want to go, but then again after the busy busy week I really just want to stay home and relax. Alas, the tickets are bought.

Here is a photo essay I shared on gather of my day at Headstart volunteering in Ariel and Araya's classroom. Ariel and Araya's Headstart Class 2/26/09

I've updated 2 more of my squidoo lenses. With my ideas I can continue to update all of them a bit at a time to keep them fresh and keep me busy there. One I did was Elvis For Mom

I just cashed out at swagbucks for another $5's really easy to earn there, if you haven't checked it out you really should! I am saving amazon that I earn to get myself a laptop.

Search & Win

Have an awesome Saturday!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Busy Day!!

It's Friday, but it's yet another busy day. Here soon I have to take my mom to the doctor. After that I need to make a grocery store run. It's family fun night at church this evening. We are doing dinner and a movie. Everyone is to bring a dish to share and I've decided to make and take potato salad.
My aunt and uncle will be over here this afternoon to share with us their photos from their African safari. Guess that's a good time to work on the potato salad when I will already be upstairs while they visit LOL

Here is a short photo essay with photos I took at my brothers house yesterday afternoon/evening. We all met over there for pizza and family visiting time. Family Time at My Brothers 2/26/09

I did get 2 more squidoo lenses updated yesterday before heading out to volunteer in the Headstart classroom. One was Marsha's Crafts

It went and got cold outside! It's only 15 degrees right now...yuck! They are calling for snow after midnight! I knew the spring like weather was too good to last.

Onward I go to see what all I can get done this day. Have a great start to your weekend,

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday February 26

Good Morning. The weather is making a change. After a few days of spring like weather it's clouded up and is very moist outside. I guess we see what it brings with it.
Today is another busy day. I was to take my daughter to a dr. appt. this morning but her boyfriend ended up able to take her. I am going to volunteer in Ariel and Araya's Headstart classroom today. We are planning a get together at my brothers later this afternoon with my aunt and uncle.
I am trying to get most all my internet stuff done on the computer before leaving for Headstart.

I am almost done doing my clearing work in my group on gather. This is something I didn't find the time to do at all yesterday.

I did get a couple of squidoo lenses updated yesterday and a couple more updated this morning. Here is the last one I updated: Earn With Marsha

I got quite a bit of work done on the newest plarn pattern I am trying while out and about yesterday. I will take it when we go today too. I will close for now. I do want time for a short rest time this morning before the afternoon in a classroom of 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday February 24

busy busy day, so just a short update.
I've been cleaning upstairs since I got out of bed. My aunt and uncle just took my mom out for lunch. They will be visiting once they get back from lunch.
This evening is Awanas for the girls and Ash Wednesday service at our church for the rest of us. Not much time to do much else!

I did manage to get in my review of the Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice on gather yesterday. Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice Review

Once again I didn't get a thing done on squidoo yesterday. That's not good and I need to get back to business.

When I shopped at Walgreens yesterday I was telling the cashier how I was currently making a bag with red and white bags. She thought it was so neat that she gave me a whole handful of bags just because. Hopefully enough to finish the bag I am currently working on and make another one. I'm making gift bags and want to sell them in sets of 2.

I am off to get at least a few other things done online before they get back from eating.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday February 24

Good Morning!
It's a pleasant day outside...oh how I hope spring is really on the way and we get by with the mild winter we've been blessed with this year!
I have my usual busy day today. I drove my grandson to school this morning. Later I take my mom to her dr. appt, and then bowling this evening. In the meantime I really do need to continue with my cleaning as much as I can throughout today and in the morning.

I need to get in another Zatarains review on gather today. I didn't do a thing with squidoo yesterday either so need to make sure to get another lens updated there as well today.

I have a problem...I am trying to do way too many things all at once. I have to work to keep the house in a decent order, keep Jasmine going on her schoolwork, get crafts made to sell (and give as gifts), I am working some of the paid to clicks, I do gather, I do spotwinner, mycoolcontests and msn games each day, I need to keep up with traffic exchanges to get my things seen, and doing squidoo. Then, of course there are things outside of the home such as taking my mom around, shopping, church activities etc. Oh yes, and trying to get and keep my coupons cut and organized, which once again I am way behind on!

Guess that means I should move along and see just what else I can accomplish this day :)
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday February 23

Good Morning, almost afternoon. I am jumping back and forth between cleaning and computer work.
I've been reading The Sidetracked Home Executive. It's been on my shelf so who knows how long...sheesh! I will be doing a review of it once I am done, but it sure is a book that all should read if they really want their houses to not only be clean, but organized as well.
I am having trouble with the cleaning part as there just isn't a place for everything in this house. There is just way too much stuff here!!
I don't think I can even come close by Wednesday on how I want it to look here in the basement before my aunt and uncle arrive. Not to mention that the upstairs is probably a lot more important and not a thing is getting done up there!

The girls go to school soon and then my mother will have the whole afternoon to work on things upstairs...will she?

I got my homeschool journey squidoo lens updated yesterday. Our Unschooling Journey

I did my first Zatarain product review on gather yesterday. Zatarain's Dirty Rice Mix Review
I plan on trying the Red Beans and Rice Mix tonight for supper.

Off I go on another cleaning splurge before the girls head off to school, then I'm taking a short nap!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Lazy Sunday

Oh My Gosh, it feels like such a lazy day.
We went to church this morning. That was nice after not being able to drive ourselves there is what seemed like forever. We had 10 baptisms this morning! We got home shortly after noon. I fixed ham and egg salad sandwiches with applesauce for lunch. I have chicken going in the crockpost. Half the chicken will go in to the freezer for another meal, the other half I am making chicken alfredo with for supper.
After lunch I laid down...for way too long....I just got up and am getting on the computer for the first time today at 3 pm. I will do what I can on here today, but I also need to get a headstart on the housework so that doesn't become an all day job tomorrow.
My aunt and uncle will be here sometime Tuesday from Michigan.

I did work on the plarn gift bag yesterday. I also put in 5 photos and 1 video and 3 posts on gather, including my weekly mail call post. I hope you will take a look, I had some fantasic mail this past week! Mail Call! Week of February 15

I didn't get anything done on squidoo, in fact, I never even opened it yesterday. I ended up being gone all evening after supper with my mom. We went shopping and visited my son. Once home I was so tired I just wanted to get in to bed.

I am off to start my alternating between computer and housework. Have a great rest of what is left of the weekend.
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