Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday June 20

Good Morning!
First thing this morning I finally got the anti-virus downloaded on the desktop downstairs. In the meantime while it loaded I got a lot of papers looked through on my desk.

Steve bought a salt water filtration system for the pool yesterday so I had to meet him at Wal Mart to get it to his house as well as 280 lbs of salt. I had him get the smaller kids one of those blow up pools while we were there. He's invited some of his cousins over tonight to swim and have a bbq. I told the grandkids they could come and swim too. However, it's been raining non-stop since I woke up. I hope it stops soon and the sun makes its appearance.

I re took the flower closeups of Starlas flowers and got the pics posted in a photo essay on gather. Flower Close-Ups--Photo Essay
I also got my other $25 in amazon in the mail from gather yesterday.
I need to look through my email for my $5 amazon from quickrewards, and I have a code for a day pass at winster which should get me enough today for the $5 there too. Then, I will get my bookshelf ordered!

I need to also get My Homeschoolbuy Auctions updated today too.

I'm off to get these things done. Have a good Saturday!
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