Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 22

I was looking for that bank symbol I used the other day.  I forgot I could have gotten from the pics already on my blog.  Oh well.
I was going to use it because yes, for the 3rd time this month my husband overdrafted at his bank!  My gosh, that is $90 this month in fees.  That would have been enough to pay both the water and the gas bills.

Otherwise he was iffy on what he spent today.  Claimed he had to spend more out of town for his pack of cigarettes.  Just mentions his lunch of chicken sandwich, something else and a drink.  Couldn't remember how much it was he said...then made a guess of $7.39.  Too much for lunch if you ask me!

He bought us all soda today too.

We went out to eat with my mom, aunt and uncle.  The deal was we would join them and pay for our own.  Once there my uncle insisted he was paying for it.  ggrrrr  I am still feeling bad about that...the intention of us going was extra time to spend with them while they are in town, not for a free supper!  He said consider it their wedding gift to us.

We are getting closer to the end of this month, and closer to me having totals to share with my husband and discussions to be had.

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Shop Hop Saturday--The Best of Intentions

I have put off doing this post today as I attempted to finish some things up to list in my store.
The best of intentions....

I am however, almost done with a set of washcloths.  I'm working on a quilt top.  Again with the's my intention to have it completed and listed next week.

I have other plans but we will see what life brings.

I completed and mailed out the dish scrubbie order and the washcloth order.  I have another washcloth in the works.  Just waiting to hear if the order is a go.

I have some blog work to get done as far as getting reviews including a new giveaway.
Speaking of my blog, this past week I changed the winners page to be a linky's/blog hop page.  I do hope to get the word out and have others come in and list the hops they host.  I posted the ones that participate in or have in the past.  There are tons and tons of them out there to choose from.

I need to still get books looked through.  I'm down to the wire on that as I only have until Wednesday to get them looked through and decide which ones are being donated to the fundraising yard sale next week.

Until next week, let's just see how much I can get done  :)

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31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 21

A couple of bills needed to be paid today which was a loan on a vehicle and the water bill.  I am happy that the water bill was way down over it was for the summer...and the next bill is even lower.

I did some shopping today at Walgreens and Walmart.  At Walgreens I bought Steve's razor refills.  They were on the register rewards on sale and I had a coupon.  I also picked up some neat dog toys on clearance for just $1, a dog collar on clearance for just .25, and a ZhuZhu pet armor tank on clearance for just $2. (Christmas gift for one of my grandsons.)
At Walmart I picked up cat food.  It was the quickest trip I've ever made to Walmart.  I used the last 4 of my free Crave cat treat coupons.

Steve claims to have been extra hungry today and spent $9 on lunch.  He also bought cigarettes and soda.  I'm still drinking from the free Dr. Pepper 10's that I had coupons for.  I must say that this stuff is disgusting!  Yuck!  

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Frugal Friday Link Up--3 Uses for Chamomile Tea

Good Friday to all.  This week has flown by.  The weather is cooling.
I was able to make a couple of coupon shopping trips this week--the post will be in the linky.

This week from the 99 Cent Solutions book I am sharing 3 uses for Chamomile tea.

1.  Repel mosquitoes.  You may love the mild apple-like flavor of chamomile tea but mosquitoes hate it. Brew up a very strong batch and keep it in a spray bottle in the fridge.  Before heading outside to relax in the back yard or walk through tall grass, spray any exposed skin liberally.  It's fragrant, potent, and totally safe for children.

2.  Lighten your hair.  Play up your blond highlights by using a weak solution of chamomile tea as the final rinse when you wash your hair.  Combine a brewed cup of tea with 2 cups of cool water and pour this over your hair after rinsing out the shampoo and conditioner.  It will make your golden highlights gleam.

3.  Tone your skin.  If you have sensitive skin that feels dry and uncomfortable after washing with soap, try a facial toner with chamomile.  Boil 4 cups of water and soak 2 tea bags in it for 15 minutes.  Discard the tea bags and cool the tea.  Store in a glass jar in the fridge.  To use, remove make up with a soap-free remover, then soak several cotton balls in the cool tea and rub all over your face.  It's far more soothing and effective than many expensive skin products.

Until next Friday----I hope to see many of you link up.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 20

Oops, I did it again.  I forgot to ask Steve about his spending today.
I was gone when he got home from work and he went to bed, not getting up until supper was ready.  Right after supper he went back to bed.

I know that I put gas in my car today.  I actually bought myself a pack of cigarettes today as well as fountain drinks for both me and my daughter.

We also spent a few $$ at the Dollar Sense store.  I bought Jasmine a pair of reading glasses and I bought toilet bowl cleaner.  The 2 splurge items were lip gloss for Jasmine and nail polish for me.

I know that maybe we shouldn't buy so many of the splurge items, but life sure isn't much fun if you don't get to get a few things that you want.  It will be interesting to add things up at the end of the month and see just how much total we spent on the splurge items.

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Coupon Shopping Trips 60% and 71% Saved

This week I shopped at Walmart and Dillon's with coupons.
No, I'm not an Extreme Couponer, but I'm always happy to be able to coupon shop.

4-2 ltrs. of Dr. Pepper 10 using 4 free coupons
4 Goldfish (no coupon, just re-filling our tank)
4 Crave Cat treats using 4 free coupons
Idahoan Hashbrown potatoes using free coupon
Multi-Grain Cheerios using free coupon
Cheerios using free coupon
4 cans of Walmart brand cat food. 30 each--no coupon
2 travel size Pert shampoo @.97--used 2-$1 coupons
2 travel size Head & Shoulders shampoo @.97 each--used 2-$1 coupons
Covergirl Mascara @$4.24 and Covergirl concealer @$5.94 used $8/2 coupon
Post Marshmallow Pebbles @ $2.48 used $1.50 coupon
Carnation Instant Breakfast @$4.96  used $1 coupon
Dole Crisp @$1.98 used .75 coupon
4 different types of apples (for a school assignment) @1.28, .64, .79, and .71 (or in other words too much)  no coupon used.
2 Up2U gum @1.28--used 2-$1 coupons (not pictured)
Nesquik chocolate milk mix @$1  used .60 coupon
Yoplait yogurt cup--used free coupon
Cookies and Cream yogurt @.58  no coupon used
Rotel Tomato sauce @.58  used .20 coupon

In total I used $34.52 in coupons.  I spent $20.66 out of pocket which included $4.19 in sales tax for a savings of 60%

At Dillon's:
4- 2 ltr Dr. Pepper 10--used 4 free coupons
4 Crave cat treats--used 4 free coupons
PlayDoh Halloween pack on sale for $4.99, used $1 coupon
2-Dole Mandarin oranges on sale for $1.25, used .50/2 coupon doubled to $1
4 different types of apples on sale for 3 for $1.  (I was very upset to see these after spending so much on the apples at Walmart!  I decided to buy 4 more so that after our assignment there would be enough for the 10 of us to have apple slices with supper)

I saved $13.68 with coupons.  I spent $8.43 out of pocket which $1.61 was sales tax.  I saved a total of 71% between sale prices and coupons.

I'm happy....that I got to shop at all....and that I was able to use so many coupons.  It was a friend who sent me the coupons for the Dr. Pepper 10 and the Crave cat treats.  She sent 10 for the Dr. Pepper and 20 for the Crave.

Squidoo Hopping--Need Help with Facebook Module

Good Thursday morning!  Welcome to this week's squidoo hop.

I did get 2 lenses built.  One complete, the other I need help with.

I completed This Day in History October 9.  October 9 marks my youngest daughter's birth date.  I have several more birthday's to take care of before I go on to other dates.

I started Homeschool--Books Used For 2011/2012.  I do have some things in but have a ways to go before it's where it should be.  It will be a lens that is continually added to throughout the school year as we read more books and use more books as part of our homeschool year.
I can't figure out what it is they want on the facebook fan page module.  Can someone help me figure out how to get my widget in there?  I do plan on adding it to a lot of my least those related to things that I share in my blog.

Maybe you've even done a post about using the facebook fan page module that you can put in the linky!  I hope to see several share links this week.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 19

I was going to be able to come in today and say NO spending today.  Both of us stayed home all day today---until after supper when he went to buy that pack of cigarettes.  He did use a $1 coupon.  He had already used the $1.50 coupon yesterday.  An online friend sent us the coupons.

I had intended to put gas in my car today....then realized it was smarter to do it tomorrow when I would be going out anyway.

I've made it this far...19 days.  Just 12 days of reporting left.  

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WIP Wednesday 10/19/11--Keep on Working

I've still been working this past week on the dish scrubbies.  Just one more to make to complete my orders.  I've also been crocheting the washclothes for an order.
We had a garage sale so I went in to my craft room and emptied my shelves of supplies into totes and boxes.  I wanted the shelves in the garage to hold the books that I have for sale.  In the meantime I packed up a container with "to-do" projects.  It's pictured with the washcloths I am working on and includes 3 fabric bags to make, baby bibs, pieces for another quilt top for church, material to cut in to strips for my next jelly roll type quilt, and material to make a table runner.
I spent 2 days this past week finishing up the 54 squares for the quilt top I am currently working on for church.  If you remember, we had 13 of them complete last week in club.  That means I put together 41 more at home.  They aren't complete as they still need to be ironed and cut to size before I can start sewing them together.  For now they are put up with plans to work more on them at club next month.
 Looks that is my report for this week....I really want to finish up the last 4 washcloths today as well as the 1 dish scrubbie and get those orders out.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 18

Tuesday--bowling league day.  That means $23 to pay for that.

Last night (well early this morning), when Steve got up for work I did ask about his spending the day before.  He gave me a total for the day...and an I don't know on how much he put in for gas, how much was for lunch etc.  I explained to him that I'm not just tracking how much we spend, but what we are spending it on.  Men!

I shopped today with coupons again, this time at the grocery store.  I splurged on a package of Play Doh to divide up among the grandkids for part of their Halloween treat bag.  Otherwise I used 4 of my free Crave coupons and 4 of my free Dr. Pepper 10 coupons.  I also used a coupon and bought 2 cans of fruit.  And, I bought 4 apples---go figure, the grocery store has a big display with 4 different kinds of apples and only 3 for $1!  Sheesh, I paid $1.28 just for one apple at Wal Mart yesterday.  I did go ahead and buy one more of each of the 4 kids of apples.  I figured with 10 of us in the house I will wait to do the "assignment" with Jasmine until close to supper time and then serve the cut up apples with supper.

I gave my son enough money for a couple gallons of gas today when his truck ran out.  Just his luck that I was heading in right where the truck ran out of gas to buy his little sister a fountain drink.  Not so lucky for me, but I was glad that I did have a few $$ to help him out.  I couldn't really give him any more though.

Looks like that is pretty much my report for today.

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Homeschool Journal Week of October 9--Jasmine's Birthday!

Yes, last week started out with Jasmine's birthday.  She's 15 years old now.  Soon she will be grown and out of here.  It's a sad though indeed.  She is my youngest of 4 children.

Here are a couple of photos from her party:

The second one is my 2 yr old grandson having fun with the noisemaker and hat.   She had a nice party with family and friends over.  And, she got her prized gift of her own cell phone.

In other news for the week of homeschooling:

We had a pretty good week.  Tuesday was my sewing club.  As much as I would love for her to put down the books for the day and help us and learn to sew, she doesn't have an interest.  She works on schoolwork on her own while we sew until 3 pm.  She doesn't get down there until almost noon after Bible study upstairs.  Bible study at church is something we do each Tuesday, but I miss once a month for sewing club.

Although we only made it through every subject 2 different days last week, I am still very pleased with the amount of work we accomplished.

Jasmine attended the weekend fall retreat at the Kansas Bible Camp.  She's good about telling me what she's done that would count for school.  This included all of the chapel times, all of the game time, as well as their service ops time.

I went to list a textbook up for sale in my account, but then decided I want to use the text with Jasmine.  It's Introduction to Business.   It's been a fun textbook so far, and very interesting.  I did list it, so, if it doesn't sell (at least not right away) we might get to finish it.  If it does sell, in the meantime, I am going to work in it with her until such time.

I have bookshelves in the other room of books for future use---books we've used in the past but maybe didn't finish----and then I have milk crates full of books that I have for sale.  Always something to find at my house.  So much, in fact that I have considered opening up a homeschool lending library and contacting our local group to let them know about it.  We used to have a lending library at a members home but they have long since been done with homeschooling and moved away.  I know that I sure miss the opportunity to check out books.  I'm sure if I did open a lending library that several families would donate books and things for me to have available to share as well.  I'm sure going to keep this in mind.

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31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 17

I am slipping already.  That's my biggest problem with this whole tracking spending thing.....and exactly why I chose this for my 31 days challenge.

I forgot yesterday about the $2 I spent buying jerky from a young man at church for his school fundraiser.  I also found out that Steve bought twice as much soda as usual.

Today when I got home, he was already home.  Over supper he told me that he took $50 out of the bank to put gas in the truck.  However, I didn't find out how much.  Nor did I find out how much he spent on other things, like lunch while at work.

I shopped at Wal Mart today.  I got a mixture of things from food, to pet supplies, health and beauty, etc.  I do have it all written out by category on my list.  I saved a lot with coupons too.  I spent just over $20 but saved over $35 with coupons.

More tomorrow.....

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Mailbox Monday 10/17/11

Not too much in the mail this week.
I only took a picture of the CD that I got in for review:

Other items:
magazines--Time of Grace, Sports Illustrated, People,  Businessweek, Forbes, Ok!, Entertainment Weekly, Martha Stewart Living
Playtex Sport wipes samples and coupon
1 piece of hausernet mail

In my email I rec'd:  $20 paypal from gather and .09 paypal from youdata and $13.50 from squidoo.

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