Friday, March 11, 2016

Frugal Friday With Marsha--Trip to the Casino

A trip to a casino and frugal just somehow don't seem to go together.  However, I took a day trip with my daughter and her friend this week to the Boot Hill Casino.
The original plan was that we were going the week of the 27th when my husband could go too.  That's his vacation week.  We found out that the tour company didn't have a bus going the Tuesday of that week.   We still wanted to go, so we did.

See, Village Tours, is having a special this month.  As long as you bring at least 2 friends with you, everyone rides free.  It's normally $35 a person for the day trip.  How can you pass up riding free when you still get the $25 in free play at the casino and the $10 food voucher?

I took along $30.  I had some good luck on my very first spin.  I spent $1.50 max bet on a quick hits machine and won $67.25 on my first spin.  I vowed I was going to save that cash out voucher and not cash it in until leaving.....but I didn't.  
What I did have was a LOT of fun.

Not a bad day out for $30.  I got the ride on the bus to the casino, $25 in free play on the slots, and a good lunch for that $30.....not to mention a day away that was lots of fun.  In the end I was literally playing a penny at a time on the slots....and wondering why I didn't do that all the time. Now I am itching to go back to do it.  Hubby and I do plan on going on a trip of our own in April for our birthdays and free steak dinners.

We discovered that the bus has 110 plug ins as well as a free wi-fi hot spot.  I was already doing some things on my phone like rabadaba and tsu on the bus ride with mobile data.  On the way home I used the wi-fi.  So, I still earned some pennies while gone, but had I known about the wi-fi, I would have brought my tablet and did some traffic exchange clicking too.

I took this picture as we were leaving.  That's the bus we were on.  It's a 2 hour bus ride each way then 5 hours at the casino for the day trip.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

intelliARMOR 4-Port USB Charger Fits Our Family Needs

When I seen the intelliARMOR 4-Port USB Charger I knew it was something this family needs.  With 8 of us living in the house, and all of us having devices that need to be charged, it really is a need. (In fact, we need a second one  LOL)

Someone is always asking where an open plus is for charging.  Now with intelliARMOR we can just use one socket and 4 devices or other items can be charged all at the same time.

As you can see in my photo, it works not only for phones and tablets, but for other items as well.  We are charging a vape pen and a Playstation controller as well, all at the same time.

The charger is going to really come in handy when we go on our family camping trips.  We use the vehicle battery to charge with a unit plugged into the power port.  However, there is only one outlet and one USB port on it.  Now we will be able to use the outlet so that 4 devices can be charged at once.  No.....we can't go camping and not still use our devices.  Yes.....that is the world we live in now.  :)

*INPUT: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A 


*Get Quality Charging Catered Directly Toward Your Devices' Charging Needs 

Disclaimer:  I rec'd this product in exchange for my honest review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.  Affiliate links are included.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WIP Wednesday --Back to My Schedule?

I decided Sunday I was going to try to get back to the schedule I made myself for getting things done.  I'm feeling a little out of control by not having set routines.

Sunday I pulled out the t-shirt latch hook rug to work on.

Monday I got out the 3 inch squares for the Arkansas Roads quilt so that I could start making the lines for the half square triangles.  That didn't work out well.  I got them out of the box and drew one whole line.  It's sit n' sew at the quilt shop this Friday night so I plan on working on something on it there.

Tuesday is doll sets and I went on the bus trip to the Boot Hill Casino again so took those along.  I did get a little work done on the rugs on the ride.  I carry this little bag in my purse so I can work on these in any down times---if I would just do it instead of messing on my phone.

I didn't restart my schedule until Sunday so that really is all that I got done since last Wednesday.
I did forget to mention last week that I finished the Hexagon Flower table runner.  Hopefully I will soon have it listed for sale in my etsy.

Wednesday is my day to work on the color of the month with the soscrappy blog scrap challenge.  It's purple this month so I will pull out purples in hexagons (which are my project to work on Saturday) and work on the purple 4 patches that I started last time the color was purple.

I have Thursdays to be to work on any other UFO.  I haven't decided yet which one that will be.  Then Friday is yo-yos.  


Rectangle quilt
challenge wall hanging
Hexagon quilt
Emerald Island Fusique table runner
Five and Dime quilt
Brown half square triangle table runner
3 sets of doll blanket, pillows, bed and rug--plus more to sell
Wall hanging for quilt guild
yo-yo's that need to be made into projects
black and white rail fence quilt
Arkansas Crossroads scrap quilt
T-shirt latchhook rug
Rainbow colored locker hook rug
T-shirt toothbrush rug
Charming Stars quilt
Special crocheted prayer shawl
Fall Squares table topper

2016 Finishes:
Smaller pink 4 patch quilt for charity
Pink 4 patch quilt for charity
Hexagon flower table runner

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