Saturday, March 28, 2009

Satuday March 28

Good Morning. It's definitely a snow day here today. I woke up to turn on the news and here we have 18 inches so far and it's still snowing.
They have postponed the event that I was to do child care for until tomorrow afternoon. I'm not sure if Headstart is still going to take part or not, so I am not sure if I will end up working tomorrow or not. Many many places are closed and if anyone is smart they are just staying in their house. Below is a picture that I took out our back door at 8 am this morning.

I've uploaded a couple of videos this morning on gather. If you are interested, you can click to my home page and then click videos at the top to see them. Marsha's Gather Home Page

I have no real plans today other than the normal cleaning and doing what I can on the computer. I am, however, going to bake a couple of apple pies today. Great day to have the oven going. I may even tell them no if they call me to do that child care tomorrow. It's sure hard to want to go outdoors at all with this much snow out there.

I did end up updating a squidoo page yesterday. I won a really nice bracelet on mycoolcontests so added it to my page. It's a lot of fun checking to see if I win something each day. Mycoolcontests

I'm closing for today and moving on to other things. If you too are getting snow, stay warm, if not, be thankful!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday March 27

Good Morning!
I've gotten some of my cleaning done. Today is the big cleaning day for here in the basement.
We didn't get the 3 inches of snow they predicted here...yet. The winter weather advisory continues throughout today. We have the winds that they predicted right now and it's mighty cold out there.

Yesterday I worked as hard as I could on here on my earning. I posted 6 posts on gather! I updated 2 squidoo lenses. I got the book Superdove listed on blujay. I dug around and found a few more things to list on blujay. One thing is a lot of 4 Peter Pan peanut butter lids from 1952 and 1953 that have Peter Pan movie characters on them.

I know around the cleaning I won't get as much done on the computer as I did yesterday. I won't hardly get anything done tomorrow as I've agreed to work 7 hours doing child care at Headstart. I am kicking myself for agreeing, and stressing out over being away from home 7 hours but I know I need to do it and make the extra $50. I don't come anywhere close to making that on the computer. We need money now to get our dog out of the animal shelter as well as to get the van running again. Money...or the need of it sure is an unending thing.

Here is my book review of Superdove on squidoo. I put a sticky note in the lens with the link to it for sale on blujay. Superdove Book Review

Here is one of the posts I did on gather. My grocery shopping trip on Wednesday. Grocery Shopping 3/25/09

The Under the Rainbow Spring Celebration starts on Monday. I present on Monday as well. I hope some of you can make it and check things out. I've been doing this for about 5 years and it's a lot of fun. Ralyn goes all out to put on a good online fair and the prize drawings are even done live on her webcam.
Under The Rainbow Spring Fling!

I think that is all of my news for today. I probably won't be doing my blog tomorrow as I would have to get up way too early to get it done before work LOL Have a wonderful day and if you are having cold spring weather like we are...stay warm!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday March 26

Good Morning!
They are calling for a winter weather advisory by later this afternoon with winds upt to 50 mph and up to 6 inches of snow....disgusting I tell you!

Yesterday what quite the day...only one thing I really would like to repeat. It started out normal enough with me taking turns between doing things on the computer and cleaning. My daughters boyfriend got my van home. Jasmine and I walked to the grocery store. Today would have been my normal day to shop but with colder weather today and having to walk I hurried and got out coupons and we headed out.
I got home and the mail had come. I got notification that I won $250 in the Guilding Light Sweepstakes through (that's the part I would love to have a repeat of!) Not long after that, our dog, Malachi got outside and down the alley to be attacked by a large dog. Poor guy! We couldn't stop the bleeding on his side. We attempted to get the guy who owns the big dog to help with money to get him to the vet with no luck. That made my daughter's boyfriend mad, which is turn he then got the police involved...long drawn out story, but we did get the money up to get our Malachi to the vet where he had to have 2 stitches and was put on antibiotics. If the police hadn't been called our little man would be home with us, but because of them being called, he is not at the animal shelter for 10 days of quaranteen. We found out his rabies shot was the 1 year one so he was behind. I miss him terribly and so does everyone else, it's going to be a long 10 days before he gets to come home. And, we have to pay out another $160 to get him from the animal shelter as well. It costs just under $140 at the vet last night.

Anyhow, I wrote an article about it all and then a follow up after the vet. If you are interested in reading either one you can find them on my gather posts page.
I have a couple of photo essays and my shopping trip to post today.

I didn't get a thing done on squidoo yesterday, in fact, I don't think I opened it at all. I also didn't end up getting that book listed on blujay either. I hope for a much more productive day all the way around today. Since I don't have the van to drive I have nowhere to go today. My mom has to pay someone else to take her to the dr. appt.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday March 25

Good Morning! I haven't been on the computer much this morning, concentrating more on the housework and now ready to start schoolwork with Jasmine.

On the way to take the girls to school Elizabeth had to call us. About half way there that rod went all the way out on the van. Now it's still sitting down there and I have no idea when we can get someone to pull it home for us. I also need prayers on coming up with the $300 we need to buy another engine for it.

I posted a book on blujay yesterday and have another one to post today. Both are new books that I've written book review squidoo lenses on. Yesterday's was With Violets

I didn't get anything extra into gather yesterday other than an article on the van breaking down.

I'm sad that we will have to now miss the Lenten service at church tonight, and once again I have to call and get a ride for the girls to Awanas. I think Jasmine and I will walk to the grocery store this afternoon for a few things. I think the weather will hold out for us today, but tomorrow is a real cool down with a chance of rain....Friday they are calling for even more of a cool down with a chance of snow. Oh boy....

I guess that's it for today's news. I need to check real quick to see what's supposed to be good deals at the grocery store. I looked at the ad but didn't see anything exciting.

Have a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday March 24

Good Morning!
Man, with the extra cleaning, extra dr. appt to take my mom to, and watching 2 shows upstairs, I went to bed last night feeling like it was such a wasted day. I know tha it wasn't. It's important that I help to clean upstairs even though I live in the basement. I worked on coupons during the 2 shows and now have them in my notebook up to the letter P. And, I did make it through most of my internet programs during the day too.

I wasn't planning on anything extra at gather, then that bill collector called me for a 3rd time. I'm telling you I would remember a loan, and one that I paid on for 2 years. Come on, this can NOT be mine! I posted on gather about it again, but won't share that here with you all.

I also wasn't planning on getting a squidoo lens updated yesterday either, but ended up winning a prize at mycoolcontests, so added that to my page. Mycoolcontests
It's a fun site to check each day even though I do need more referrals so that I have more entries each day in order to have a better chance of winning.

Today's plans include doing what I can on the computer, getting chicken in the crockpot for supper. I am going to mix some of it in with the frozen broccoli and cheese, open a jar of applesauce and serve dinner rolls for our supper before bowling this evening. I also have to get my mother to her Thursday dr. appt.
I really don't think the van is going to make it much further. Now we smell gas when we drive and we already know that aside from the rod going out, that has warped the bearing that gas is getting in to the oil. I'm thankful for the over 300 miles we have been able to drive it.

That's it for today folks..better get up and put the chicken in the crockpot before that slips my mind (I'm good at doing that lately) Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday March 23

Good Morning!
I kind of took the day off yesterday, didn't even post my blog. With the file system Sunday is one of the free days. I just felt lazy as it was and didn't even concentrate too much on my online earnings...mostly played some games.
Today is a moderate cleaning day on my schedule, with that cleaning being done upstairs. I've already done up a bunch of the dishes, but I really don't look forward to sweeping and mopping the kitchen at all. Mom's kitchen is such a cluttered up sloppy mess I just can't stand it! However, I'm the only one who sweeps and mops.

Yesterday I did post a Budget Sunday Dinner post on gather. And, around my messing I still managed to get over 100 pts with gather yesterday. I need 1,080 more points to make my goal to cash out for both a $25 and $50 amazon by April 1. If I can keep getting points like I am now I should be able to make it! Here is the link to yesterday's post. Budget Sunday Dinner 3/22/09

I didn't do any updating of squidoo lenses...I told you I pretty much took the day off. Not even sure which one or two I will try to do today.

Today's plans other than the cleaning include getting my mom to a dr. appt this afternoon, watching Guilding Light upstairs so I can answer the trivia at vocalpoint, and visiting my son this evening. And, after visiting my son sitting upstairs to watch the season finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It's sad to not have a tv down here right now for sure. I plan to work on my coupons while watching shows. So, there goes a huge chunk of my internet time. Just reading my own plans is making me tired!

Guess I better get up to that kitchen. Here's to an awesome start to your week!
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