Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday December 20

Afternoon all. This will be short today as I've been sick since I went to bed last night. It's 4 pm now and I'm just feeling better enough to think I actually want to try sitting in front of the computer.

The Christmas party for work was nice yesterday and I'm glad I went. There were lots that wanted to tell me goodbye, give me a hug and tell me that I will be missed. Afterwards I was able to get a ride to Wal Mart to pick up a few groceries. I cam home to find my mother sick...and so it goes.
Praying that no one is sick today, tonight or tomorrow morning so we can all make it to church for the special service before Christmas.

I will go ahead and feature one of my squidoo lenses today. It's the one I built on mycoolcontests. I hope you will check it out and join to help me get more entries. I still need to log in to see if I won anything today. My Cool Contests

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Until tomorrow have a great evening,

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday December 19

Good Morning. It warmed up enough yesterday to melt most of the snow. However, today's high is 36, tomorrow's 30, then it goes down to 20 and showing more snow.

I made it through my last day of work yesterday. I received a really cute card and going away gift from the gals that I work with. After work I went and got the gifts for Heather and Jasmine. I then spent until after supper getting everything wrapped. All I have not to finish up Christmas is to make the edible goodies. We will work on that in the next few days.

Today is the Christmas dinner/party for work. I hope I can hold down my nervousness of going since I've quit. The food should be great. Other than that, I really need to work on cleaning this basement. With me being busy getting things made and busy outside of home the kids have turned it in to tornado alley again down here. I also will spend my online time mostly going through the past week's gather notices looking for entries to my contest. I need to pick a winner by tomorrow.

Today I am featuring the squidoo lens that I built for Under The Rainbow Gifts Consultant Program. I've recently updated some of the products shown. This is being run by a good online friend of mine and I hope to get things going with it. I hope you will take a look. Under The Rainbow Gifts

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Have a glorious day!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday December 18

Good Morning! It's cold outside, but not windy. If it can only stay like this today I will have it made. However, it's supposed to start raining ice.
Today is my last day of work, and right after work I go to the Salvation Army to get Jasmine's gifts and our food basket. Then, I head to First Call for Help and get Heather's gifts.
I will spend the rest of the day mostly wrapping the gifts. Once that is done all I will have left if my Christmas goodie making and I plan on doing that over the weekend and Monday.

Today I would like to share a post I did a couple of days ago on Gather. It's the snow we woke up to. Woke up to Shovel Snow

Today's featured squidoo lens is a book review for Empty Promises. That sure was an interesting book. I hope you will check it out. Empty Promises Book Review

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Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday December 17

Good Morning. The snow did stop falling sometime last night. It's ok outside since there isn't wind right now. It's that cold wind that cuts right through me.
There are no real plans for today. I have work in a couple hours, just today and tomorrow left to worry about that! The kids have Awanas this evening, then there is 2 weeks off there too. I will probably wrap a few gifts today. Other plans include sitting with Jasmine and getting serious about her schoolwork.

Today I will share the post I did on gather on my sewing machine debut. I got it out and got the 2 pillows made for gifts. Photos are included. Sewing Machine Debut

Today's squidoo lens to feature is the one I built on my blujay. Marsha's blujay It's neat as I have an rss feed which changes up to show some of what I have listed. I've recently added 3 more listings too.

I'm off for this day....have a blessed day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday December 16--Snow!

Good morning! Woke up to a few inches of snow. I was out shoveling early to get Allen down the sidewalk. It was kins of invigorating, and I have to admit it is beautiful. Another good thing is it's not bitter cold out like it was yesterday.

Today I have work...just 3 days left and I am done! After I get off work Heather has her math tutoring, and this evening is bowling.

I've posted on gather with a photo of how the hair scrunchies turned out in black. Please take a look if you would like. I am done making the scrunchies for Christmas gifts so from now on most that will be made will be listed on blujay. Hair Scrunchies in Black

I built a squidoo lens last night on the Jerky Direct Business. I really do hope you will take a look at it. I've been with Jerky Direct for over 2 years and I am very happy with it. I'm really wanting to get the word out. And, if you want to try the Jerky, email me, I am offering free shipping on 2 bags. Jerky Direct Business Opportunity

I did get all my running done yesterday. My daughter and her boyfriend both had the stomach stuff yesterday but the man down the block got me to all my places. I will be very glad ride wise once this week is over.

Until tomorrow, have a glorious day!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday December 15

Good Cold Morning. We woke up to -4ยบ Can we say bbrrrrr?
Today is my payday. So, if I have a ride I will be busy. I will have to get my check after work, go to the bank, then to pay the cable bill, then to the post office, then to pay the water bill, then to make the van payment, then to 2 stores.
I have no idea if my daughter's boyfriend is willing to run me to all those places even if I give him money. I may have to come home first and call the man down the street and see if I can pay him to run me around. (so sad to make the van payment when it's not running...$169 more to pay on it then we can junk it)

Here is my weekly mail call post from gather. It wasn't a terrific week, but I did get some things in. Mail Call! Week of December 7

Today's squidoo lens to share is one that I built for Jasmine on the anime Naruto. I recently updated it adding a really cool video. I hope you will check it out. Naruto Fanatic

Until tomorrow, once again...stay warm!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday December 14

Good Morning. bbrrrr it's cold outside. 24 degrees when I last checked...high is supposed to be 50 but I don't see it making it. Tomorrow's high is only to be 19. ack!! time to start wearing the long johns.

Yesterday I put together a contest on gather to give away a $25 redemption code. The contest will run until the 18th which chances for more entries each day. Contest!! Win a $25 code Day 1 Day 2 is also just posted.

Today I plan on getting the rest of the hair scrunchies made. Somehow my red yarn disappeared (darn grandkids) so I am now making black. I am finding it very hard to see the stitches on the black. They are going to be very pretty.

No one ended up sick yesterday, that was a blessing. I just hope it doesn't hit me and make me miss one of my last 4 days of work...especially not the very last day I am working!

Today's squidoo lens that I want to feature is one that I made on my home town. I hope you will take a look, we really have a lot to offer here. Hutchinson, KS

I will close for now. I am in hopes that yuwie is running today. It's hard to get views and keep up with friends when the site's been down more than up the past few days!

Stay warm!
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