Friday, July 4, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha --- Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to all!

Being frugal on the 4th of July, or any holiday for that matter, isn't easy sometimes.

We are having a family get together at my daughters house. Each of us is pitching in a part for the meal. (I am making the potato salad)
Each family will buy a few little fireworks and we all have fun lighting them together.

Oh so much money going up in smoke. I can't imagine those who spend for the big spectacular fireworks! We are fortunate that people around us buy those. We get to watch their money go up in smoke.
I have saved out $20 for what I will spend.

We are heading out the door in a bit for some free entertainment of watching the parade.

How do you celebrate the holiday frugally?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 7/3/14

Sticky notes have become my friend.  I'm not sure why I haven't always been using them!
As I am going through the pages in my binder of lenses, I am making notes on each on of updates that I need to do, or can do.

Some time back lensmaster Virginia Allain put a challenge up in one of the squidoo facebook groups.
We were to take a lens that was ranked 150,000 or something like that and do one update it each day for 5 days.
The challenge showed up just how much higher that lens would rise in lensrank with just small updates in a row.
I was amazed.

My point is that that is exactly what I am doing with my lenses right now.  With the exception of totally redoing my Latest 10 Lenses lens, I am just doing a small update on several lenses per day.

I am not just updating the WIP's either, I am also working on others as well.
My WIP status as of today is 28, down from 55.  I don't feel that's too bad.
However, Bonnie had replied in the HQ post that the lenses would stay in WIP status until we do update them.  Someone replied to her that it notes next to each lens that they will be deleted after 30 days.  Bonnie said she would check on that.  That was 13 days ago when she replied, so I replied to her asking what she had found out.
It's something to know for sure, especially if there are lenses in WIP that we don't want to see disappear.

I don't know for sure which lenses I will end up linking in today.  I'm even going to surprise myself!
Surprise me with your link ups too.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Win with Chatabout!

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Current members as well as new members are eligible to win every day just for being active on the website!
These prizes include gift cards, tote bags, pins, key chains, points & more!

One grand prize winner will be chosen to win a lovely 3-piece Wicker Chat Set and your choice of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 or an Apple iPad Air!
This winner will be chosen at the end of July.

Not heard of chatabout?   Chatabout is a community of forums.  You earn points for each topic you post or or put a reply in to.
There are lots of other ways to earn points other than chatting too.   You can watch videos, enter easy sweepstakes, do other offers, listen to radio, do surveys, look at offers, print coupons, take the daily poll, and share news stories and topics with your friends.

Earning points is easy and it only takes 500 pts to cash in for $5 amazon or $5 paypal.   They pay very quickly too!

Again, just click the banner at the top and start earning today as well as have the chance to win some cool prizes at the same time!

Coppertone is Here to Protect Your Children this 4th of July Holiday

With the 4th of July approaching fast, summer has officially been kicked into high gear. While you’re enjoying the three summertime s’s (surf, sun, and sand), don’t forget the sunscreen! 

During your prep for holiday barbeques and family beach trips, it’s important to remember that suncare is the ultimate summertime essential. The Coppertone closet is brimming with sunscreen classics to protect your family from the sun’s harmful rays this summer. See below for a few offerings:

·         Coppertone Kids Tear-Free Lotion: Specially formulated to protect and keep children’s skin soft and smooth. The ultra-gentle, tear free formula won’t sting or irritate eyes. It's perfect for summertime activities.  Free of dyes, oil, and fragrance.  Water resistant for 80 minutes.
·         Coppertone WaterBABIES Pure & Simple Lotion: The #1 pediatrician-recommended product. It's specially formulated to provide broad spectrum protection for a baby’s delicate skin. The gentle, moisturizing formula is an essential for your water baby.  Free of oil, fragrance, and dye.  Water resistant for 80 minutes.
It's tear free so it won't sting or irritate eyes.

****Coppertone recently launched its second year of its Making the Sunscreen Grade program to provide parents with the tools and resources needed to protect children from the sun.****

Don't forget Coppertone's full line of suncare and sunscreen products for adults as well.
Click over to  and print out your $1 coupon for any Coppertone product today! 

Have a safe and happy 4th of July holiday! 

Disclosure:   I rec'd bottles of Coppertone as well as additional information for the purpose of this post.  I was not compensated in any other way.  Any and all opinions are my own.

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