Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday January 31

Here we are to the last day of January. Tomorrow is Superbowl. Any plans for Superbowl? I am not in to sports but I bet it will be on my tv all day anyway LOL
The weather here is good today, with a high of 68, but tomorrows high is supposed to drop down to 46. As I seen in someone's post on gather yesterday, no wonder everyone is sick...crazy weather.

Today I am going to get crocheting on another plarn shopping bag. As far as the computer I'm going to do all I can to catch up on gather posts. I don't plan any real cleaning today, that will come tomorrow.

Jasmine and I finished her first lapbook yesterday on Kansas. Here is a photo of the front of it. I will be building a squidoo lens on it later today...then as we make more, those will all go into one squidoo lens.

I think I will give you a break today and not share a squidoo lens. I have to update the unschooling journey one today and build the one on the lapbook.

I'm going to run now and get going on things. I hope your Saturday is awesome!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday January 30

Good morning! It's Friday!
I got my wireless router in and hooked up yesterday. Now I am ready when I do get that laptop but I have a lot of saving up yet to do to reach that goal.
We ended up spending hours yesterday working on cleaning and organizing my mom's house here so I didn't get a whole lot of internet time. Sometimes you just have to do that.
I'm still working in my own group on gather...clearing content that has 25+ comments and posting 10 posts a day that don't have that many yet. It's really kind of fun and I am seeing content that I've missed along the way in the process.

Today is the final day of the Sweetheart Celebration at Under The Rainbow. I'm not presenting, but will spend most of my day there. I've been drawn to win 3 prizes, that is really cool. I think I will get the other 2 magnetic bracelets made and listed on blujay today. Otherwise I am going to work on cleaning around my desk area while I sit here.

I sold 3 auctions at homeschoolbuy recently, so I want to make my featured squidoo lens to be about that site today. It's a nice site, with a great owner who is always there to help when you need it. Homeschool Buy

I'm off for now, trying to get through all my paid to clicks and things before the online party starts.

Have a great Friday and an awesome start to your weekend.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday January 29-Happy Birthday Kansas!

Good Morning. It warmed up enough yesterday to mels almost all the snow from Monday and Tuesday. Now, if every winter was like this one,I suppose I wouldn't complain too much. I like the snow, as it's beautiful, just don't like the wind and cold that comes with it.

Today is Kansas' 148th Birthday. I'm going to have Jasmine make a lapbook on Kansas, so I've been busy in between internet stuff and cleaning getting some stuff rounded up for her to work with. Going next to print off some things for her lapbook.

My coupon routine is getting messed up because of the online parties this week. Monday and again Friday I won't get off of here to work on them while I watch my shows. I will this evening though while I watch Grey's Anatomy. I did go through coupons yesterday to shop the sale at the store, and I was glad for the ones that I did have organized that were easy to find.

I think for today I will feature my lens on our unschooling journey. I've not share it since adding some photos. It really makes it stand out. I also realized just how long the lens would be if I indeed do all 52 weeks in one lens. I've decided to make it into 5 different lenses over the span of the year, with 10 week in all but the last one. Our Unschooling Journey

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday January 28

Good Morning. It is still morning. I've gotten caught up in doing about 10 things at once both on and off the computer. I cleaned for about an hour, I've been working on things in my group on gather, clicking other sites, and also getting coupons ready in hopes of getting a ride to the store here n a bit. They are having the buy 10 get an extra $5 off sale again this week.

Soon it will be time for the Sweetheart Celebration to start! I am presenting from 3-4 pm cst. I hope you can make it in and join us for awhile. Right after my time is the activity hour then the live prize drawing, first one of the day. You can find us at Under The Rainbow Sweetheart Celebration!
Sweetheart Celebration
For Some reason the banner isn't working, so please click the link above it.

The kids have Awanas this evening...and I really need to get Jasmine up and out of bed now and get her started on some schoolwork for the day.

Let's see what I have for you in squidoo about another fun music lens. This one is on REO Speedwagon. I hope you enjoy the videos and lyrics that I chose to share. REO Speedwagon Fans
I have quite a bit of updating to do at squidoo as well as the other lenses to build. I will concentrate more on that next week once the celebration is over this week.

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday January 27

Good Morning!
Snowing, snowing, snowing is what it is doing outside. Today the flakes are a lot larger so we will see a lot more accumulation.
I got wrapped up in the online party yesterday and didn't seem to get much else done on the computer.
I did make a trip to Wal mart though and stocked up on some household items, as well as bought some craft supplies. I'm giving a hand at making magnetic bracelets now. My family keeps taking them as I make them but I did get one listed on blujay.

Let's see if I got this image thing right. Yesterday was the first day in a year I've seen the photo button above (yes, I have a lot of these duh moments.)

I'm going to go add my newest crafts to my crafts squidoo lens as soon as I am done typing this, so, I will make that my featured lens for today. Marsha's Crafts

Tonight is bowling. I did get one order in the party for craft items so I will work on those today and hopefully finish them up this evening. I always look forward to bowling but don't look forward to the ride there in this winter weather.

Until Wednesday, have the best day possible!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday January 26

Good morning! We didn't get that icy rain yet, and I did make it to the bank this morning. Not long after I was home my mom was doing laundry and it seems the sump pump has gone out. So, in other words, she is alredy asking for some of my money to get a new one!

Today starts the Sweetheart Celebration at Under the Rainbow. For some reason the button above is not taking you to the website. I hope you will join me Under the Rainbow chat and party room My time today is 5-6 pm cst and then 3-4 pm cst on Wednesday. I hope you will check it out.

Today I want to feature my squidoo lens on the Jerky Direct Business Opportunity. I am also offering a special during the celebration. Free shipping on your order if it's emailed to me at Jerky Direct Business Opportunity

That's today's plan, promoting my business LOL

Wishing you all the best day possible,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday January 25

Good Morning...and I say that after I had this all typed in, but then somehow highlighted and deleted everything I had typed!!
The weather is cold and now they say for sure the icy drizzle will start after midnight. I hope the roads aren't too bad in the morning. I got my state income tax refund in the mail yesterday. I need to ride along when they take Allen to school in the morning and get to the bank and cash it.

Yesterday I did find my crochet hook finally, under one of the rugs of all places.
I also ordered the wireless router and 2 cards from amazon. I can't wait until they come in and try that out, although I am still a long ways from saving to get my laptop.
Mo real plans today other than doing what I can here on the computer.

I posted my weekly Mail Call post on gather. I sure wish I could get that much every week, I would then be wealthy LOL Mail Call! Week of January 18

For today's squidoo lens I want to feature another fun music one. This one is on Aerosmith. I hope you will enjoy the videos and lyrics that I chose. Aerosmith Fans

Now here I am back to where I was when I deleted it all, so I will day have a great day!
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