Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday August 9

I woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain, which apparently has been going on for awhile as the buckets on the front porch are full and water was standing. I'm thankful for it though as it means another cooler day.
Yesterday I worked some on Ariel's birthday present, just sitting on the front porch and enjoying the cooler weather. All I have left to do now is to sew the material on to the chaise lounge! I can get that done today.

I didn't really write anything at gather yesterday other than my daily Christian Investing For the Future and my daily post on who the featured member is in my group. I've added some more pictures, so if you would like to take a look I will direct you right to those. Marsha's Photos on gather

Heather rented movies last night so I had her rent me Blast From The Past. I really like Brendan Frasure, and I really like this movie. I was trying to work on email while it was on but couldn't hardly keep my eyes off the tv. Wouldn't it be cool to really have a house that nice under the ground??

Well, I better get back to work on here, I also need to get the living room all cleaned up today.

Have a great day!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday August 8

It was a very pleasant day temperature wise despite downpours of rain most of the morning. It seems it's going to be another nice day today. Looks like it could rain some more.

We are getting ready to head out to the grocery store. I have my list and my coupons ready. I am taking my coupon box with me just in case I find something else.

I just cashed out this morning for a $25 Amazon card on gather! I'm so excited that they added amazon!! Here is an article on my latest win at mycoolcontests. My 3rd MCC Win

Remember, I get one entry for every person that signs up under me at My Cool Contests so if you would like to help me get more entries, please sign up and put that marsha32 sent you on the referral line.

Have a cool day. I'm going to see if I can finally get caught up on my gather notification emails!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday August 7

It did end up being a very pleasant day yesterday with the cloud cover cooling things off. It looks the same today so I am in hopes of another nice day.
Yesterday when I took my mom up to Walgreens for the free film developing, I blew the radiator hose on the van. We were fortunate to find a family from our church inside also dropping off film. When she seen us trying to call for help she offered to take us home. When my daughters boyfriend got home from work, he took the hose off the truck he's not currently driving and put it on my van and drove it home.

I got all my coupons cut and filed yesterday with the help of the grandkids. They wanted to help cut and we kept cutting until they were done. I will look at the sales and make my grocery list today. I am doing the $1 trial at the grocery game to see how that goes on keeping me more organized.

I did a photo essay on gather a few days was a challenge in one of the groups I am in. The Reasons For My Smile (Happy Gathering Challenge) Photo Essay

Well, I am off to see what I can get done on here, I can't believe that I only have 3 more days past today before I have to go back to work.

Have a glorious day!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday August 6

It's going to be cooler today with cloud cover and a chance of rain. Thank goodness!
Yesterday ended up being a very busy day and I sure didn't get the time I needed online.
I hope some of you signed up over at gather. If you missed yesterday's announcement, please take a look now. It's a great site, and unlike most sites, gift cards are to you within a week instead of 8-12 weeks after your redeem.

Here is an article I wrote a couple days ago on gather The Girls and I Start School Today

Today Walgreens is offering one roll of film developed for free. I will be taking mom to develop her roll from Christmas after the mail runs. I am in hopes of either getting my gift card from mypoints in or my rebate amount added to my gift card so that I can get some of the rebate items while we are there.

Have an awesome day, I intend to!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday August 5

Hi everyone! The weather is saying one more day of the triple digits then we will get a little break in the heat.
I'm going to make my own notes short as the girls are waiting on me to start Lord of the Rings.
Major announcement concerning gather!! They have added more gift cards to choose from with more to come later this week. In honor of it they are having an invite-a-thon.
If you are interested after reading the info in joining us at gather, please click on over from the button to the left :)

Gather is thrilled to add some of the best brands in the world to the Gather Points™ program. Starting today you can redeem your Gather Points for gift cards at the following fabulous establishments:

· Amazon
· Gap
· Starbucks
· Target
And that’s just to get you started! Stay tuned… we’ll be announcing several more exciting gift card options later this week.

To celebrate the arrival of our new gift card partners, Gather is announcing an exciting new points promotion. We hope you’ll join us for Gather’s 1st ever Invite-a-thon!
Here’s how the Invite-a-thon works:
Phase 1:
Starting today (8/4), Gather is asking all members to invite friends and family members to the site. For every person you invite who becomes an active Gather member*, your name and your friend’s name will be entered into a raffle.
Phase 2:
Beginning Monday (8/11) and continuing through Friday (8/15), Gather will conduct a daily drawing. Each day at 5pm ET, Gather will announce five winning pairs of friends. The winning member and his/her new, active Gather friend will each receive 500 points.
Grand Prize:
On Friday (8/15) after announcing the five daily pairs of winners, Gather will announce two Grand Prize winners. One member and his/her new active friend will each receive $100 in Gather gift cards!

Although your chances of winning improve with each active, new member you bring to the site, please invite people you really want to interact with on Gather and those you think would most enjoy the Gather experience.
We believe Gathering is a lot more fun with your friends and family. But don’t take our word for it. Ask someone you know to join you here and see for yourself. You could both end up winners!
Details, details, details...
· 8/4: Invite-a-thon begins
· 8/4–8/15: Official invitation period
· 8/11– 8/15: Five friend pairs announced daily @ 5pm ET in the Gather Picks section of the Explore page. Points will be distributed to winners by 5pm ET the following day.
· 8/15 – Gather announces Grand Prize Winners @ 5:30pm ET
· 8/15: Invite-a-thon ends
*Active member = at least one visit after registration and email confirmation.

Have a great day and maybe I will see you over at is very addictive.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday August 4

Good Morning!
I was right, it was a hot one yesterday! On the way to Bible study the temp thing I see on the way was reading 108º at 6:15 pm! I just drove by there this morning and it is reading 99º. The heat advisory is on until this evening and we will see if the news shows a let up in these high temps.

Today is the first day of school for me and the girls in our homeschooling. Today we will work in The Lord of the Rings curriculum, then mostly just get all of their books and schedules in order.

Here is my weekly article on the freebies that I rec'd.
Freebies--Weel of July 27

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday August 3

Another terrible heat day. Over 100 before noon!
We are home from church. I was reading some articles from others in gather and found an affilate program that looks great. I've added the banner for it to the bottom of my blog here.

I'm trying to update my Gifts Galore and More website but it's hard for me to understand it!

Bible study starts again this evening at church. I look forward to going and learning again. Until then and supper I will just be getting done what I can here on the computer....and staying in where it is at least a bit cooler!

Yesterday at gather I put in a photo essay if you would like to take a look. So far I am right on target to get the points I need at gather to get the cash option.
Our Little Cat and the Hat Photo Essay

Everyone please stay safe and cool,this heat is dangerous!
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