Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday June 13

Good Morning!
Jasmine and I got up early and headed to church to help set out the rummage sale items. We found some pretty cool things to buy cheap too. I got plenty of craft supplies.

We are heading out now to my great Aunts. Today is her 89th birthday. She's not seen baby Jacob yet. How many of us are going?.....10 of us! After we visit there we will go back to the church and help pack up what doesn't get sold. They will take it to the Goodwill store, but it's also then up for grabs to take what we want since they are just giving it away. I don't think I need to take anything, but who knows.

I didn't learn my lesson last time for not keeping up with my homeschoolbuy auctions. I let 42 auctions lapse that I had to relist. That took me about 4 hours yesterday but it's done! I have a weekly card in my card file to update the auctions there, but haven't kept up with my box for about a month now. You can check out the books I have for sale if you would like Marsha's HomeschoolBuy Items

Off we go! Have a great Saturday!
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