Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday August 24

Good Morning!
It's the first day of public school here. I guess my daughter got my grandson off to school without a hitch. Ariel doesn't start kindergarten until Wednesday...and Araya doesn't start headstart until next Monday.
Jasmine isn't up and around that I know of. She needs to be as Steve's sister is off work today and she already doesn't approve of the homeschooling. Plus, I look forward to the time each day that I sit and do schoolwork with Jasmine.

I've spent the morning unloading my car slowly and getting books and movies unpacked, washed up and put on the shelves.

I updated Our Unschooling Journey 4 yesterday.
I also did several posts on gather yesterday... Walgreens Shopping 8/23 and Mail call! Week of August 16 I also put in another video from our trip to the Dillon's Nature Center. I earned 132 pts on gather between yesterday morning and this morning! I would so have it made if I could earn that much daily.

I have to take my son to court this afternoon. His ex girlfriend put a restraining order against him. Oh boy! Like he would ever bother her, or has he since he moved out. She made it at work too so she ended up getting her hours cut way back since they couldn't work at the same time. My son's been there for years, she should have known that her hours would get cut and not hers. I pray she just chooses to cancel it today when they go to court.

Tomorrow will be busy, so I doubt I will get a blog written. The morning starts out with Jasmine having a dentist appt. It's our first night of bowling league so I will need to have supper all figured out. My mom will have her usual Tuesday afternoon dr. appt.

Until next time...take care and be happy,
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