Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday July 6

Good Morning!
I got up early, put away some more stuff from camp, washed dishes, took a shower and now I am on the computer. Soon enough though, I am off and running because today is my son's payday.

I didn't end up on the computer too much fact I don't even think that I opened my email at all. I sat outside in the cooler weather a lot working on that blanket I started putting together at camp.

I just got an order for 12 dish scrubbies! Now, it's through the craft mall, so my profit goes to pay for my hosting until the year is paid, but that's ok :) I hope this is a good sign that I can actually get back to business!

I hope to get quite a few things posted to gather today to share here tomorrow :)
For now, I am off and running for the day :)
Have a great one!
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