Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday July 13

Good Morning!
I slept in later than I wanted but have been busy ever since between house work and computer work. Oops, started writing this then ended up going back to hanging up all the clothes.

I did some Walgreens shopping again finally and posted it to gather Walgreens Shopping 7/12/09
This morning I also got in my Cover Girl Lipstain Review as well.
If you follow me on twitter you noticed that yesterday I also got a few of my lenses updated. I hope to stay busy on squidoo and really need to get my other 2 book review lenses done.

So far it's a good Monday of getting things done. All that I know that I have to do today is get my mom's water bill paid for her, pick up my son's girlfriend and take her to work, and pick up my son and take him home from work.
Tomorrow is a busy day and I doubt I will be posting here. It's sewing club at church from 10-3 followed by getting my son from work and taking my mom to the dr.

See how my days are? I stopped typing on this again and went up and washed dishes and put supper in the crockpot. Sheesh LOL

Guess that means I better close this for the day and actually post it this time!

Stay cool!
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