Friday, March 30, 2012

Frugal Friday Link Up---4 Uses for Spices

As many of you know, my daughter, Jasmine is now home from England. Amazingly enough she came home with over half the money my husband and I sent with her for spending money. She was helped a bit by some giving her money spending money at the airport. She converted that to Euros before using the Visa gift card.
She's kind of been on a spending spree with her card since being home though. It's been mostly for the family though and not for herself. We are struggling financially (don't ask--hubby needs a money counselor!) so she took us out to eat at Arby's as well as bought some groceries. Hopefully we can squeak out some money from today's paycheck for groceries. I've been working at getting my coupons cut and in to my binder. Something I've not done for about 6 weeks. I have my work cut out for me once again. I can't save though if I don't know what I have, or if I know there is a coupon out, I can't find it!

Let's move on to sharing from the 99 Cent Solutions book. This week it's 4 uses for different spices. If you try these, be on the lookout at your dollar stores as most carry the spices very cheaply.

1. Discourage insects. The pungent fragrances that humans so enjoy are the same scents that make bugs scurry for cover. Keep ants and other insects out of your flour and sugar by putting a bay leaf into the container. Put apple-pie spice into a small squares of fabric and tie it tightly with a string. Hand this easy sachet in moist places such as under the sink and behind the washer to discourage silverfish.

2. Keep thermoses and storage jars fresh. Drop a whole clove into the bottom of a container that you usually store closed. This will eliminate the stale smell from it being closed. Just remember to discard the clove before filling the thermos.

3. Take care of those smelly sneakers. Crumble up a bit of dried sage into each show before putting it on. Sage is not only gently fragrant, but it actually kills the bacteria that make those shoes smell so bad. Shake out the flecks at night, and add a new leaf the next day. (This is a must try at our house!)

4. Keep your dark hair glossy. If you have black, brown, or chestnut colored hair, you can keep it glossy by using a weekly herbal tea rinse. In three cups of boiling water, steep 1 teaspoon each of dried rosemary, sage, and allspice, along with 1/2 teaspoon of ground cloves. Strain through a paper towel or a coffee filter and let it cool. Use this as your final rinse after washing your hair.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Squidoo Hopping--Updating Challenge Lenses Revealed

Good Thursday morning to all!  It's the day that I can reveal the 3 lenses that I chose to update with VAllains Updating Challenge.

I want to thank Virginia for putting the challenge out there.  For those of you who read this post each week, you know I've been in a slump for about a month or so as far as squidoo goes.  Her experiment not only prompted me to get to some updating, but I also learned some things along the way.  It's also prompted me to get to updating other lenses as well.  Two of those I am sharing in the linky below.

Here are the 3 lenses, along with starting and ending lensrank, that I chose for the experiment:

Empty Promises by Ann Rule  
Started out with a rank of 211,286, went to 77,136 after the first update, 72,789 after the second update, and has ended with a rank of 79,142 the day after the 3rd update.

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume    Started out with a rank of 222,549, went to 93,472 after the first update, 100,085 after the second update, and has ended with a rank of 105,081 the day after the 3rd update.

Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume    Started out with a rank of 241,734, went to 93,471 after the first update, 92,446 after the second update, and has ended with a rank of 92,935 the day after the 3rd update.

I'm impressed with the fact that they rise just with updates and no promoting.  Hopefully you will take the time to visit them now for a little more of a boost for me?  Thanks!  I have plenty more updates that can be done to the lenses and I intend to try to do some updating still every 3 days with these 3 until I've exhausted my list of update ideas.

That's my report for this week---I hope to see lots of you link up--keep me hopping on squidoo!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday 3/28/12--Lots of Sewing!

I did lots of sewing this past week!  I finished up the last 2 walker bags for the community project with quilt guild.  I turned those in at guild Monday.  Our guild has made a total of about 60 bags and the cancer project is in awe.

I also finished up the scrappy quilt top for sewing club at church.  I plan to share a photo of it in the TGIFF post this week.  If you remember, my camera is with my daughter in England so I wasn't able to take any pictures this last week.  Actually, right now she is just under 3 hours from landing in the Houston airport, where they will catch another plane in to Wichita and be home---today!  I'm so anxious to get her home and hear all about the trip.  Only communication for 8 days has been status and pictures on the youth ministers facebook page.

My only picture this week is my progress in the Granny a Day 2012 challenge.  I am worked ahead....I can't help it!  I actually would like to finish the blanket now that I have a good start on it.  This picture is up to today, March 28, 2012---Day 88.

 If you want to see the scrappy quilt top complete, be on the look out for my Friday post.  Hopefully she's not lost my camera while she was away!  I hope she has tons of pictures from England on that memory card.

I am linking up with the following blogs:
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Old School Fun with Chick-fil-A--Win 3 Free Kids Meals!

Lace up your sneakers because the new Nutritious Chick-fil-A Kid’s Meals are going to help fuel active family fun! Spring is here and what better way to promote an active lifestyle, and enjoy the great outdoors than with some old school games for your family to enjoy. 

Have fun with the Old School App below!
  • Fun Activities! Spin the wheel to get an endless amount of Old School Fun and games for the entire family!  You’re just a spin away from creating awesome family memories!
  • The Old School Fun Quiz! Are you a disco-dynamo or the bomb dot com? Take the throwback quiz to reminisce about the pop culture icons of your era!

Disclaimer: Old School Game App and information has been provided by PartnersHub and Chik-fil-A. They are also providing the prizes to the winner.

Giveaway open to residents of the United States who have physical mailing address. Winner will be chosen using rafflecopter. Enter using the rafflecopter form below. Winner will have 48 hours to contact me or another winner will be chosen. Giveaway ends April 6, 2012.

Homeschool Journal--Pictures from England!!

I've not done my journal post the past couple of weeks.  Our lives have been a whirlwind!
Jasmine left for England March 20th, and comes home tomorrow evening.
I am sharing the photos today that the  youth minister has shared with us through facebook.  I can't wait for them to get back tomorrow so that I can see what photos she has taken and hear all about the trip!    

Here they are ready to leave for the trip:

 Lunch Time
 Canterbury Cathedral:
 Jack the Ripper Tour
 More lunchtime:

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