Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lots Going on in My Business World--Shop Hop Saturday 9/24

I'm still working on getting myself prepared for my presentation spots at the Spoooky Celebration with the Online Craft Mall. I have my spots set. You will find me presenting on Monday Oct. 3 from 8-8:45 pm CST and on Friday October 7 from 3-3:45 pm CST. Spots are still available but must be purchased by Monday, September 26 to get in on the action. This is truly a fun time. I just ended a giveaway here on my blog to give away a free spot. I only had 2 entrants. I think the online parties are something that not many know about, but I do know that hundreds, or even thousands of my connections online sell their wares online.

I added another set of the Country Yellow washcloths to my etsy store as well as a set of 3 in Cream.
Cotton Crocheted Washcloths  Set of 3 in Cream
$6.00 USD

I am in hopes of completing a lap quilt and a Christmas table runner for my new listings next week.

I move 3 more items over to my Zibbet store giving me 17 listings there now.  I still have several more items to get moved over this next week. 

I put up 3 new listings on Listia today:

If you aren't a member listia, it's a really neat website.  Use your points to buy things that you want and need from others.  It's a bidding site with your points.  You can use this link to sign up and receive  100 bonus points for signing up.  You can easily earn points to bid on items even if you don't "sell" anything yourself by sharing auctions, logging in etc.   Over my time as a member I have filled goody bags of small items for 4 of my grandchildren, I've gotten a movie, 7 or 8 music cd's, a quilt book, 2 shipments of fabric, thread, and a lot more!

I believe that is it for my report today.  I am linking up with the Shop Hop Saturday over at abitosunshine.  Come hop along with us!
 Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine

Friday, September 23, 2011

Frugal Friday Link Up--Uses for Dried Beans

It's Friday and we are heading in to the weekend.
I did get caught up on my mailbox posts by putting 2 weeks in to one. That post will be linked up today.

I've been entering more blog giveaways and hey I've actually won a few things along the way. Last night I made up the 250 flyers that I won in a UPrinting giveaway. Of course I made them to advertise my blog. I got word last night that I won $25 in Del Monte fresh fruit and veggie certificates.

Moving along in the 99 Cent Solutions book, we are up to uses for dried beans. Dried beans aren't near as cheap as they used to be that's for sure, but they are still relatively inexpensive whether you buy them at the grocery store or at the dollar store. In addition to being cheap and a great source of protein, they are great for other things too like:

1. Train a dog. Most dogs hate the sound of dried beans rattling in a can. Put a handful of dried beans in an empty soda can and seal the top with tape. When your dog misbehaves, shake the can a couple of times.

2. Make a close fitting hot pad. Soothe aching muscles with a custom fit hot pad. Fill a long sock with beans and tie the top tightly with a sting or ribbon, Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds and place it right on the painful spot. (I could use one of these this morning on my aching neck) You can drape it around a stiff neck or wrap it around a sore wrist (hey, I need one for my wrist too). It will mold to you, providing faster relief.

3. Prevent a scorched pan. Have a lot of pans on the stove? Toss a small handful of beans in the bottom of a double boiler or a steamer, and as the water boils down, the beans will rattle. This trick only works when you are boiling water for less than 30 minutes as any longer and the beans will start to cook. (I assume this is just to remind you that you are cooking??)

4. Make a beanbag. Put 1 cup of beans in the toe of a cotton sock, and tie a knot in the remaining material, pushing it down till the know is close up against the beans. Make two more and you have a great juggling set or start of a bean bag toss for kids. Set your kids up with a few beanbags and a clean wastebasket and they are ready for hours of fun. (I've made tons of beanbags over the years and the kids do love them. I made them with material sewn over a sock though. I have numerous bags of beans in the cabinet. Beanbag games is a great though for Christmas gifts!)

Now it's your turn. Please link up any frugal, money saving, simple life, cheap menus, etc type posts that you have posted this past week (or today)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Darius Lux--Time is Now Album Review and Giveaway

Darius Lux's official website states that his music is soulful, thoughtful, rockin', urban, and pop. I can see all of this in the 6 songs on his album Time is Now.

The 6 songs include:
No Problem
Way That It Goes
Best Day
What I Feel
Time is Now and
World Keeps on Turnin' Live

If I have to pick a favorite of the six I will choose World Keep on Turnin', but all of them have a good beat and are enjoyable to listen to.

If you live in the Los Angeles area you can RSVP for a free live show on Sept. 30, 2011 at the Good Hurt Club. They will also be performing in Northern California on October 2, 2011 at the Castro Street fair at 2 pm on the Red Rock stage.

Check out their first music video ever--"Best Day" (I love this video!)

Enter below for your chance to win the album!!

Disclaimer: I was sent the digital download of the album from LaFamos for the purpose of my review. I was not compensated in any other way, all opinions are my own. LaFamos is providing the album to be given to the winner.

Squidoo Blog Hopping 9/22/11--Linky

Good morning and welcome to this week's squidoo blog hop! This blog post marks my 1000th post since I started this blog!!

I love squidoo and have so many lenses that I need to take the time to get built.

A lot  of this past week has been working to promote the Spoooky Celebration that I will be participating in coming up soon.   Since it's an online party, I went in last night and updated my Online Parties lens.  This lens lets you know more about what an online party is and I've added an announcement box to put in info on any online parties that I am taking part in.

A couple of weeks ago I built another book review lens--  Finances Without Fear.  I think I forgot to mention it.  Boy do I have tons of other book review lenses that I can build!

In looking at my comments this morning, I found out that my My Toothbrush Rug lens is highlighted in Bonnie's 50 Crafts I Want to Try lens.  How cool is that?  Now I'm going to have to spend the rest of this day checking out the other lenses she has highlighted and get inspired to keep on working.

Time to get busy so I hope to see many of you link up this week!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday 9/21 (and 9/14 catch up)

Last week was so busy away from home, mostly with the Kansas State fair in town, but also it was sewing club week.
Since last Tuesday I've not working on anything but finishing up the rest of the cotton washcloths that I had yarn for. I'm happy to say that I did finally get all of those crocheted.  I also worked on the baby bibs but they won't be completed until I find time to get my sewing machine out again.

I have other projects that I hope to complete over this next week. Wish me luck time wise. I also have order for dish scrubbies that will have me making a total of 36 of those at the moment.

Here is the top of the jelly roll quilt that I was putting together for sewing club at church.

Once I got to sewing club last week I sewed edging material on to the jelly roll to make it a larger size.  I found a bottom material and a middle and pinned them all together.  In this photo one of the other gals in club is working on tieing it.

I just had to share our clubs completed quilt that we are sending to Global Missions.  We also were to choose a 2nd one to send.  We  sent the strip quilt that I did the top on and the other gals finished it up with an edge and brown backing.
This is a Christmas table runner top.  It won't take me long to get the back on it and sewn, it's just a matter of getting it done.
That's it for my report this week.  I can always hope that the busiest of my days is over now for awhile.

I am linking up with the following blogs:
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Do You Handle a Busy Life and Finding Time for School?

Just how you handle the stress of having a very busy life outside the home and trying to find time for schoolwork??
Maybe the real question is how NOT to have such a busy life outside of the home?

Last week the Kansas State fair was in town. we were so busy away from home I didn't even do a bolg post here about our homeschool! But, let's go to the week before that.

We are early in to the school year and I'm already feeling major stress over lack of time at home and the lack of "book work" that is getting done. I keep weekly notes of what we get done. This year Jasmine is in high school. This means that not only am I jotting down what we do, but I am also keeping track of how much time is spent on each thing. The week of September 4th was a holiday week. Labor day meant no school for the grandkids. With them home all day, doing school work with Jasmine is virtually impossible.

Here is what I have down in my notebook: Church 60 minutes---Bible study 90 minutes--Guideposts devotions a total of 17 minutes---reading in book for history a total of 75 minutes---math 60 minutes--Home Ec reading 15 minutes---English 120 minutes----Science 22 minutes----Reading on her own 15 minutes----youth group 120 minutes, (When I type it out this way it doesn't look so bad I guess, and it is early in the school year---maybe I just need to relax??)

This past week of Sept 11 was horrible for me. We spent endless hours at the Kansas State Fair. Four of those hours was with the Headstart class, the rest on our own. I have made myself a list of different education things we did at the fair such as visiting the petting zoo, the animal birthing center etc. I've also included a lot of the walking time as PE time. But man, with those trips to the fair we only did most subjects just ONCE for the entire week (as far as working in our stack of books)

This is the week of Sept. 18---didn't start well when I have to be gone yesterday almost 5 hours with my mom to a dr. appt. I wasn't prepared to be away and all I asked Jasmine to do was to work on cleaning her room! Once home all I thought about was a nap. Wait!! I want to talk about this week next Tuesday so I'm going to stop.

This is more of a rant than anything else......a way for me to get my stress and frustrations off of my chest. However, I do want to know how many others are out there like me and having this time problem.

I am now linking up weekly (or attempting to) with:

Hip Homeschool Hop Button

Win a Spot at the Spooooky Celebration with the Online Craft Mall!!

Halloween Spoooooky Celebration
I have talked about the online craft mall several times in my posts. I've been a member of the mall for many years.

We are getting back to having the online parties!! Starting with the Spoooky Celebration!

I am offering up for giveaway your own 45 minute vendor spot to sell your wares. Whether you sell for a direct selling company such as Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay etc (Pampered Chef is already taken), sell your own hand crafted items, or sell your creations in cafepress, Zazzle etc, you will want to check out being a vendor.

The Spooky Celebration takes place Monday October 3, Wednesday October 5, and Friday October 7 from Noon to 10 pm CST each of the 3 days. Prize drawings are live on camera!

For full vendor information please visit

Not interested in being a vendor? Join us and support the vendors. It's a lot of fun with workshops, games, prizes, scavenger hunts, and the trip through the haunted house too!

Let's find a winner!! If you don't win and would like to buy a 45 minutes presentation time, please do so by the cut off date of September 26.

I can't say enough about what a good time these parties are!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mailbox Monday 9/19 (and 9/12 catch up)

Lots of magazines this week as usual:
Sports Illustrated
Martha Stewart Living
Good Housekeeping

Other mail:
My friend sent me another bag of coke code caps and some 12 pack codes
$1 coupon off milk
$1.74 refund check from Bayer Advanced
Jerky Direct Autoship (paid for by my downline)
A few pieces of hausernet mail
Pampers coupons
Kashi granola bar and $1.50 coupon
cerra reflect kit (part of a shespeaks campaign)

In my email:
$20 total paypal from gather
.06 paypal from pecomail
$9.46 paypal from squidoo

Last week was State fair week here in Kansas and I ignored my blog for days  :(  Here is what I rec'd the week of 9/11/11:

Sure looks like I got a lot of mail this past week!
Sports Illustrated

Other mail:
1000 stickers from UPrinting--free for doing a giveaway on my blog but I thought I was only getting 250! (they are pictured seperately)
$5 gift card to Ace Hardware for using my rewards card
Ace coupon
commission check from Jerky Direct
Disney stickers inside the offer to join the club
4 reproduction art prints with offer to join the club (which I won't but they are cool with all the info about it painting on the back)
PetCo discount coupon
Free coupon for Ritz, Wheat Thins or Triscuit from mycokerewards
Book-Go For It! for review
Comfort Cross--blog giveaway win
4 sheets of address labels won on listia
Miracle Whip samples
several pieces of hausernet mail

I love keeping the mailman busy!
No payments in my paypal this week but I did get back $2.60 in paypal for using my debit card.

Frugal Friend


The Problem With Money? It's Not About the Money! --Book Review

The Problem With Money? It's Not About the Money! by Jane Honeck

ISBN 978-0-9845020-0-4

Published by Reversing Falls Press

If you need an attitude adustment about money then The Problem with Money? if the book for you to read. Consise and to the point in just 122 pages.

This was an enjoyable read for me. Sections are short and to the point. Sections are split up among 7 chapters. Starting with chapter 2 there are questions at the end of each short section. You are asked to record them in a journal. There is also a worksheet section in the back of the book for your answers.

Starting in Chapter 3, the author takes you through visualization exercises. It's quite interesting just what you do see when you follow the directions. A real eye opener.

From the back cover of the book: The Problem with Money? It's Not About the Money! guides you through a journey of self-discovery into the beliefs you hold that drive your financial behaviors. And it shows how awareness of these beliefs, and the steps you can take to gain dominion over them, can lead you to much greater control over the money choices.

About the author: Jane Honeck, author, speak, and seminar leader, had been a CPA for over 30 years. She has also been on a quest of inner discovery for more than a decade, and as a result, has become a Certified Empowerment Trainer. Walking these dual paths has allowed her to combine her extensive money management experience with her in-depth awareness of human consciousness to develop the Cent$ible Living money program, assisting people in gaining real mastery over their financial lives. Jane lives in Maine, where she writes and works with clients as a Money Coach, Personal Financial Specialist and CPA.

I recommend this fun and informative read. I read several sections of it out loud to my husband but I do hope he will read the book in it's entirety on his own. It's a real eye-opener to realize just where your money beliefs began, and how to change them.

Disclaimer: I rec'd this book from News & Experts for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.

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