Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gift Cards are in High Demand for Cyber Monday

While some feel awkward giving money for the holidays, it’s reported that the majority of gift recipients prefer it. 

This holiday season, is jumping on Cyber Monday and offering a discount on their customized Visa gift cards— taking the awkward out of cash gifts.

By customizing cards with images, text and more, the gift is more thoughtful and the giver is remembered with every swipe throughout the year.

Just visit   on Cyber Monday, December 2nd.  Use the promo code THANKFUL at checkout and receive $5.95 off all Visa Gift Cards in your order.

 Print-on-demand technology allows customers to add family photos and custom artwork with the gift card designer to over 1300 designs, or add a recipients name.  

71% of gift card recipients surveyed enjoyed receiving them.  Take your gift a step further by creating memorable and personalized holiday gifts.
Avoid searching for a specific retailer or restaurant.  These are Visa gift cards, and are accepted wherever Visa is accepted.  Each card also comes with a complimentary greeting card of your choice as well!

Don't forget--December 2nd, Cyber Monday, visit .   Use the promo code THANKFUL and receive $5.95 off each gift card that you order!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Frugal Friday With Marsha--Linky Party 11/22/13

It's a cold morning here in Kansas.  Looks like we've gone from fall to winter.
One thing that I am not frugal about is the heat in my house.  I get cold so easily.  I do have my long johns on as well as a turtleneck under my sweatshirt too.
I really did try to keep the furnace at a lower than normal temp....and I know that I really should keep it lower.  I just don't want to also sit here wrapped in a blanket too.

We are blessed that we do have the choice on the warmth as some don't.  In the summer our gas bill is so low.....usually only around $20 a month.  The electric bill is what is up then when we run the central air.   Not too bad though since I do get cold easily we keep our thermostat set on 80 or 82 in the summer.
No, I don't keep it on that for the winter, just in case you were wondering.  LOL   It is on 76 though.  I'm going to put it down a degree or 2 and see if I can take it.

We've been having trouble financially because of everything that goes out for mortgage, loans, and utilities.  Again, things we've not been frugal on.   Hubby and I really need to work on paying down the debt.......and then not taking out any more loans.

We do only have one credit card with a low limit.  However, hubby is in charge of that.  It's usually almost always to that limit and he rarely pays more than the minimum payment each month.  It's been without interest, but that ends at the end of the year.   I wish he had never gotten it and that I could get him to understand.  Wish me luck there!

I recently took out my copy of The Tightwad gazette: Promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle
again and started reading it from the front of the book.  I'm in hopes that if hubby sees me doing all these other things to live a simple and frugal life that he will follow suit and think before he spends.

Next week I want to talk about Christmas in my Frugal Friday post.

I hope you will link up your frugal/simple living type posts this week and motivate me as well as others.  Thanks!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Squidoo Hopping 11/21/13

Another week has gone by and I didn't get any new lenses built.  I only updated the one lens.

I am concerned about how many people I am seeing that are saying that squidoo has locked ALL of their lenses.
Any ideas at all why someone would get all of their lenses locked?  That is a scary thought.

I show 10 locked, but they say they aren't really locked.  They are the 10 that I have left that had more than 20 amazon links.   No reason why I haven't taken the time to go in and pick and choose what amazon I want to doesn't take that long to get that part of it done.
Sometimes it is hard deciding what products to keep and which ones to get rid of.

*****Last week there were links added to the linky that did not go directly to a squidoo lens, or a blog post about squidoo.  Please refrain from linking up anything except squidoo related.*****

I think this week I will link up a couple of my lenses that are in the middle of my list as far as lensrank.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday 11/20/13

I did less sewing this past week than the week before, but still a lot more than I had been doing.
I'm happy with progress that I am making in all ways.

Each month I attend 2 stitch groups.  One is the second Wednesday of the month and is with a few of my quilt guild members.  It's from 1-3 pm.
The second one is the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the quilt shop from 1-4, but most of us do leave by 3. 
For months now I have only worked on my applique bunnies at my stitch groups.
I have completed 12 of my 20 bunnies as shown in the photo.  After I work today I am going to bring my box in the house and work on them in the evenings.
I worked a bit more on my remaining 12 log cabin blocks to finish my wall hanging top.  I had hoped to have it done by the 25th for show and share at quilt guild but I would really need to get on it to make that goal.   I am including the 4 blocks that I had together and showed last week along with my progress on the other 12.
Last but not least I have the Penny Patch QAL that I am working on.  I am still a bit behind, but not too bad.  Click the button below my picture to see what it's all about if you would like.  Last week there was a linky included for us to show our progress.
I laid out my blocks.  Oh how I wish I had a design wall!  I messed with it over and over and finally gave up.  This is what I ended up with and then piled them by rows and numbered each pile.  Since taking this picture I did put row 12 together.

Penny Patch Quilt-Along

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