Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday May 16

Good Morning!
We ended up with a bad storm coming in pretty quickly late yesterday afternoon. Bug thunder boomers and lightening and hail up to 2 inches. It shut the electric down. I was scared since last time this computer was turned off, upon trying to turn it back on I got a message that Windows couldn't start due to a missing or corrupt file. It finally did start up and I hadn't turned it off again for weeks. Thank goodness, as you can see, it did come back on. I took all the kids upstairs during the storm so we could watch out the windows and I crocheted until I thought it was past enough to be safe to turn the computer back on.

I got my 4 Weeks To Healthy Digestion Book Review written in gather, and then made into a squidoo lens yesterday. I always put the book reviews in gather first them expand them into lenses. It's neat that way.

It's another busy Saturday. This afternoon is the big Headstart volunteer activity. Jasmine and I did some work during the year, but the whole family gets to go. They are taking us to the Kansas Cosmophere to watch an IMAX movie and then tour the Space Museum. I see photo essays coming to gather and a lens built just about the Cosmosphere in the works. That is if I don't forget to take my camera along like I've been guilty of doing so many times lately.

This evening we will spend with Steve again. I am worried about what the hail did to my garden yesterday. I thought of calling him last night to ask but wasn't sure I wanted to know. Checking it out will be the first thing I do once we get over there.

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday May 15

Good Morning! I didn't sleep in this morning and have been booking on some housework. It should be my payday unless they sent my check to the center instead of in the mail to me. It's only for 5 1/2 hours but will help. I'm in real hopes to hear something on the car today.
Heather and I got to pick up our new glasses already yesterday. I am having a really hard time adjusting to the bi-focals. I hope it doesn't take long. The blurry line in the middle is driving me crazy...then the blur when I look down. They are awesome for reading, I was having a tough time reading. Now I can even read those little expiration dates on the coupons, but so far that's the only good thing.

I am going to get a book review in today, speaking of reading. I will make it into a squidoo lens after I post the review to gather.
Speaking of squidoo, I updated a couple of lenses.... Betty Boop and Aerosmith

It's still overcast outside, but is warmer. I will be going over to Steve's tomorrow evening as usual so can check on the garden. The flower garden we planted here is starting to sprout up. I know the rain has been good for both of them.

I guess I better get back to my housework. I tried to do some of it ahead last night but I've really let the place go and it will drive me insane if I don't get it cleaned back up again!

Here's to a great start to your weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday May 14

I got involved in cleaning the house and some other things so it's almost noon when I am typing this today. The weather is back to cloudy again today. It was nice for the most part yesterday...when I can go out with out a jacket it's just right for me. By 4 pm it clouded up and started getting cool.

No plans outside the house today. IF by chance they would get the wiring figured out on that car and bring it to me I would take my mom to the dr. this afternoon. That's wishful thinking. I'm sure they are as frustrated as I am...and do these so called mechanics at his shop really know what they are doing? I'm at a loss, but do need a vehicle of my own.

I'm pretty ashamed of my shopping yesterday. I bought around 80% of more of junk food. I stocked up on the store brand soda while it's so cheap at just $1.67 a 12 pack. It's all under my bed and I am making the kids ask for it. I told them I bought enough to last over a month and won't buy anymore. I also bought a lot of boxes of Nerds and Gobstoppers while they are on sale for .88 a box. I stashed most of them in my gift stash tote. I did ok on the Oscar Mayer bologna but was only able to print out 3 coupons for $1/2. On sale for .88 a package I then only paid .38 for each of the 6. Then, I bought the $25+ of products (Hunts, Peter Pan, Orville Redenbacher, etc) to send for the $43 in coupons offer that was in the All You Magazine this past month. I need to get that put together and sent off.

No other news so I will stop boring you now. Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday May 13

Good Morning! Looks like we might have some days now without rain. I wasn't chilly when I walked out the door this morning so that is a good sign for me.

Looks like the grocery store has some great deals this week. I've busily been printing more coupons. I hope you will check out the coupons that has to offer right here from my blog. Oscar Mayer bologna is the stock up I am going to do. It's on sale for .88 and the coupons are $1/2. We will have quite a few packages in the freezer! Go to to print even more. Another good coupon is the $1 off Kraft bbq sauce. Here is only sells for $1.08.

I usually go to the store on Thursdays but I think I will go ahead and go get the deals today. He never brought that car back to me, which tells me that the brake lights not working was yet another electrical problem. I hate to call him as he's getting upset over how often I check in, but I need to know what's going on with it. I don't want to ask him for my money back on the van, I'm in hopes he will, or can find me something else decent to drive.

Hey! I actually got my other books listed on homeschoolbuy yesterday despite hours and hours of playing that mahjong game at Marsha's Homeschoolbuy Auctions I also updated my Homeschoolbuysquidoo lens. I hope you will check it out. We need more than just myself selling there! As of right now I have the only listings in the homeschool category. I would love to see more of you list. It's totally free unless you choose to put in extra features. Please check it out.

I am off now, it's laundry day plus I have so much more cleaning to do otherwise. I told Jasmine if she even sees me open iwon to come kick me!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday May 12

Good Morning! It's still rainy outside..I think it's safe that after days and days of rainy weather I can say rain rain go away, come again another day(or another month LOL)

I went to my doctor appt this morning, that went fine. Right after that I had my daughter take me to the grocery store for some last minute shopping on the last day of the sales. I printed all coupons that I used this morning from They have LOADS of great coupons to print right now. If you don't print them from somewhere else, please do click on the link here on my blog to print them. Here is the post with photo that I just put up on gather. More Grocery Shopping 5/12/09 I wish I could save this much each trip or even's what I am working towards.

The guy was just here with the Thunderbird but when I got out there he was driving away. I asked the guy following him what was up and he said he noticed the brake lights weren't working on the way here. So, he's taken it back to the shop to fix that. Let's pray it's just the bulbs and nothing electrical or I won't be able to get the car. It had lots of electrical problems but the motor and under carriage are in great shape. I really want my own transportation again. It's harder now for my daughter to get us to appts since she is now a taxi driver and gets calls all the time to go out in the taxi.

Bill collector on the phone...this same place calls 3 times a week, different person each time. They just don't understand..I am not paying on something from 10 years ago! I am worried about today!

Better run and get some things done, it's almost noon. Have a great day!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday May 11

Good Morning. I sure hope it doesn't rain today...I am very tired of this rain every day...sigh...I know the moisture is needed and I'm sure it's helping my garden.
I need to get a LOT done today. This house is past disaster area. I was doing great with my card file but slipped up when I got addicted to the mahjong at Now I'm also playing games on pogo..why?...because I got a free 10 day club pogo membership. Nothing would be wrong with playing the games if I could actually win something, but the chances at either site are so slim it's pathetic.
I really want to get these books listed on homeschoolbuy today. Heather and I both have eye doctor appointments this afternoon. I still have no car. He let me use one over the looked pretty nice, even had a radio in it and all doors and windows work, but they can't figure out how to make it run on all 6 cylinders. I don't think the junk man will ever find me anything that will actually run and look decent too.

I did get in my Mail Call! Week of May 3 post on gather. It was exciting to get my $250 sweepstakes win check in! Now I can go make another payment to the cable office and give my mom some rent money too.

I'm taking turns doing something on the computer then setting the timer for 15 minutes of housecleaning. Better get back to that timer and more housework.

Here's to a great start to your week!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Glitter Graphics

Glitter Mother's Day Graphics

We are heading to church. After church we are all going to my boyfriends for a bbq. His mom, my mom, myself and my oldest daughter are all being celebrated!

I guess I was wrong on the volunteering yesterday. It was a program called Helping Hands and it's through Lutheran Thrivent. The house we worked on was almost totally gutted. We got the rest of the piping cut and taken out from under the house. It was very interesting as the piping was wrapped in newspaper that was dated 1922. We pulled all the excess nails from the outside slats of the house. We then wrapped the house is house wrap and nailed that up. It was a chilly morning, but the work was good.

Once again, Happy Mother's Day!
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