Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coupon Shopping Trips 60% and 71% Saved

This week I shopped at Walmart and Dillon's with coupons.
No, I'm not an Extreme Couponer, but I'm always happy to be able to coupon shop.

4-2 ltrs. of Dr. Pepper 10 using 4 free coupons
4 Goldfish (no coupon, just re-filling our tank)
4 Crave Cat treats using 4 free coupons
Idahoan Hashbrown potatoes using free coupon
Multi-Grain Cheerios using free coupon
Cheerios using free coupon
4 cans of Walmart brand cat food. 30 each--no coupon
2 travel size Pert shampoo @.97--used 2-$1 coupons
2 travel size Head & Shoulders shampoo @.97 each--used 2-$1 coupons
Covergirl Mascara @$4.24 and Covergirl concealer @$5.94 used $8/2 coupon
Post Marshmallow Pebbles @ $2.48 used $1.50 coupon
Carnation Instant Breakfast @$4.96  used $1 coupon
Dole Crisp @$1.98 used .75 coupon
4 different types of apples (for a school assignment) @1.28, .64, .79, and .71 (or in other words too much)  no coupon used.
2 Up2U gum @1.28--used 2-$1 coupons (not pictured)
Nesquik chocolate milk mix @$1  used .60 coupon
Yoplait yogurt cup--used free coupon
Cookies and Cream yogurt @.58  no coupon used
Rotel Tomato sauce @.58  used .20 coupon

In total I used $34.52 in coupons.  I spent $20.66 out of pocket which included $4.19 in sales tax for a savings of 60%

At Dillon's:
4- 2 ltr Dr. Pepper 10--used 4 free coupons
4 Crave cat treats--used 4 free coupons
PlayDoh Halloween pack on sale for $4.99, used $1 coupon
2-Dole Mandarin oranges on sale for $1.25, used .50/2 coupon doubled to $1
4 different types of apples on sale for 3 for $1.  (I was very upset to see these after spending so much on the apples at Walmart!  I decided to buy 4 more so that after our assignment there would be enough for the 10 of us to have apple slices with supper)

I saved $13.68 with coupons.  I spent $8.43 out of pocket which $1.61 was sales tax.  I saved a total of 71% between sale prices and coupons.

I'm happy....that I got to shop at all....and that I was able to use so many coupons.  It was a friend who sent me the coupons for the Dr. Pepper 10 and the Crave cat treats.  She sent 10 for the Dr. Pepper and 20 for the Crave.


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