Thursday, October 20, 2011

Squidoo Hopping--Need Help with Facebook Module

Good Thursday morning!  Welcome to this week's squidoo hop.

I did get 2 lenses built.  One complete, the other I need help with.

I completed This Day in History October 9.  October 9 marks my youngest daughter's birth date.  I have several more birthday's to take care of before I go on to other dates.

I started Homeschool--Books Used For 2011/2012.  I do have some things in but have a ways to go before it's where it should be.  It will be a lens that is continually added to throughout the school year as we read more books and use more books as part of our homeschool year.
I can't figure out what it is they want on the facebook fan page module.  Can someone help me figure out how to get my widget in there?  I do plan on adding it to a lot of my least those related to things that I share in my blog.

Maybe you've even done a post about using the facebook fan page module that you can put in the linky!  I hope to see several share links this week.


  1. Stealing a few moments on my husband's laptop. Can't afford to replace the one I spilled tea on until next month. Which is why no blog hop this week at my blog.

    But, I didn't know about the facebook module, and had to try that out when you mentioned it. I saw that they had a space for Facebook Identifier with a text box under it...I tried putting my facebook fan page URL there and nothing happened. Right under Facebook Indentifier and above that text box though was a link that said "Pick the Facebook Page you want to feature here." When I clicked that and put my URL in there it worked! I had to publish the page before it showed up though.


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