Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday--The Best of Intentions

I have put off doing this post today as I attempted to finish some things up to list in my store.
The best of intentions....

I am however, almost done with a set of washcloths.  I'm working on a quilt top.  Again with the's my intention to have it completed and listed next week.

I have other plans but we will see what life brings.

I completed and mailed out the dish scrubbie order and the washcloth order.  I have another washcloth in the works.  Just waiting to hear if the order is a go.

I have some blog work to get done as far as getting reviews including a new giveaway.
Speaking of my blog, this past week I changed the winners page to be a linky's/blog hop page.  I do hope to get the word out and have others come in and list the hops they host.  I posted the ones that participate in or have in the past.  There are tons and tons of them out there to choose from.

I need to still get books looked through.  I'm down to the wire on that as I only have until Wednesday to get them looked through and decide which ones are being donated to the fundraising yard sale next week.

Until next week, let's just see how much I can get done  :)

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