Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 17

I am slipping already.  That's my biggest problem with this whole tracking spending thing.....and exactly why I chose this for my 31 days challenge.

I forgot yesterday about the $2 I spent buying jerky from a young man at church for his school fundraiser.  I also found out that Steve bought twice as much soda as usual.

Today when I got home, he was already home.  Over supper he told me that he took $50 out of the bank to put gas in the truck.  However, I didn't find out how much.  Nor did I find out how much he spent on other things, like lunch while at work.

I shopped at Wal Mart today.  I got a mixture of things from food, to pet supplies, health and beauty, etc.  I do have it all written out by category on my list.  I saved a lot with coupons too.  I spent just over $20 but saved over $35 with coupons.

More tomorrow.....

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