Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 18

Tuesday--bowling league day.  That means $23 to pay for that.

Last night (well early this morning), when Steve got up for work I did ask about his spending the day before.  He gave me a total for the day...and an I don't know on how much he put in for gas, how much was for lunch etc.  I explained to him that I'm not just tracking how much we spend, but what we are spending it on.  Men!

I shopped today with coupons again, this time at the grocery store.  I splurged on a package of Play Doh to divide up among the grandkids for part of their Halloween treat bag.  Otherwise I used 4 of my free Crave coupons and 4 of my free Dr. Pepper 10 coupons.  I also used a coupon and bought 2 cans of fruit.  And, I bought 4 apples---go figure, the grocery store has a big display with 4 different kinds of apples and only 3 for $1!  Sheesh, I paid $1.28 just for one apple at Wal Mart yesterday.  I did go ahead and buy one more of each of the 4 kids of apples.  I figured with 10 of us in the house I will wait to do the "assignment" with Jasmine until close to supper time and then serve the cut up apples with supper.

I gave my son enough money for a couple gallons of gas today when his truck ran out.  Just his luck that I was heading in right where the truck ran out of gas to buy his little sister a fountain drink.  Not so lucky for me, but I was glad that I did have a few $$ to help him out.  I couldn't really give him any more though.

Looks like that is pretty much my report for today.

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