Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Homeschool Journal Week of October 9--Jasmine's Birthday!

Yes, last week started out with Jasmine's birthday.  She's 15 years old now.  Soon she will be grown and out of here.  It's a sad though indeed.  She is my youngest of 4 children.

Here are a couple of photos from her party:

The second one is my 2 yr old grandson having fun with the noisemaker and hat.   She had a nice party with family and friends over.  And, she got her prized gift of her own cell phone.

In other news for the week of homeschooling:

We had a pretty good week.  Tuesday was my sewing club.  As much as I would love for her to put down the books for the day and help us and learn to sew, she doesn't have an interest.  She works on schoolwork on her own while we sew until 3 pm.  She doesn't get down there until almost noon after Bible study upstairs.  Bible study at church is something we do each Tuesday, but I miss once a month for sewing club.

Although we only made it through every subject 2 different days last week, I am still very pleased with the amount of work we accomplished.

Jasmine attended the weekend fall retreat at the Kansas Bible Camp.  She's good about telling me what she's done that would count for school.  This included all of the chapel times, all of the game time, as well as their service ops time.

I went to list a textbook up for sale in my half.com account, but then decided I want to use the text with Jasmine.  It's Introduction to Business.   It's been a fun textbook so far, and very interesting.  I did list it, so, if it doesn't sell (at least not right away) we might get to finish it.  If it does sell, in the meantime, I am going to work in it with her until such time.

I have bookshelves in the other room of books for future use---books we've used in the past but maybe didn't finish----and then I have milk crates full of books that I have for sale.  Always something to find at my house.  So much, in fact that I have considered opening up a homeschool lending library and contacting our local group to let them know about it.  We used to have a lending library at a members home but they have long since been done with homeschooling and moved away.  I know that I sure miss the opportunity to check out books.  I'm sure if I did open a lending library that several families would donate books and things for me to have available to share as well.  I'm sure going to keep this in mind.

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