Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday December 19

Good Morning. It warmed up enough yesterday to melt most of the snow. However, today's high is 36, tomorrow's 30, then it goes down to 20 and showing more snow.

I made it through my last day of work yesterday. I received a really cute card and going away gift from the gals that I work with. After work I went and got the gifts for Heather and Jasmine. I then spent until after supper getting everything wrapped. All I have not to finish up Christmas is to make the edible goodies. We will work on that in the next few days.

Today is the Christmas dinner/party for work. I hope I can hold down my nervousness of going since I've quit. The food should be great. Other than that, I really need to work on cleaning this basement. With me being busy getting things made and busy outside of home the kids have turned it in to tornado alley again down here. I also will spend my online time mostly going through the past week's gather notices looking for entries to my contest. I need to pick a winner by tomorrow.

Today I am featuring the squidoo lens that I built for Under The Rainbow Gifts Consultant Program. I've recently updated some of the products shown. This is being run by a good online friend of mine and I hope to get things going with it. I hope you will take a look. Under The Rainbow Gifts

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Have a glorious day!
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