Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday December 16--Snow!

Good morning! Woke up to a few inches of snow. I was out shoveling early to get Allen down the sidewalk. It was kins of invigorating, and I have to admit it is beautiful. Another good thing is it's not bitter cold out like it was yesterday.

Today I have work...just 3 days left and I am done! After I get off work Heather has her math tutoring, and this evening is bowling.

I've posted on gather with a photo of how the hair scrunchies turned out in black. Please take a look if you would like. I am done making the scrunchies for Christmas gifts so from now on most that will be made will be listed on blujay. Hair Scrunchies in Black

I built a squidoo lens last night on the Jerky Direct Business. I really do hope you will take a look at it. I've been with Jerky Direct for over 2 years and I am very happy with it. I'm really wanting to get the word out. And, if you want to try the Jerky, email me, I am offering free shipping on 2 bags. Jerky Direct Business Opportunity

I did get all my running done yesterday. My daughter and her boyfriend both had the stomach stuff yesterday but the man down the block got me to all my places. I will be very glad ride wise once this week is over.

Until tomorrow, have a glorious day!
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