Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday December 14

Good Morning. bbrrrr it's cold outside. 24 degrees when I last checked...high is supposed to be 50 but I don't see it making it. Tomorrow's high is only to be 19. ack!! time to start wearing the long johns.

Yesterday I put together a contest on gather to give away a $25 redemption code. The contest will run until the 18th which chances for more entries each day. Contest!! Win a $25 code Day 1 Day 2 is also just posted.

Today I plan on getting the rest of the hair scrunchies made. Somehow my red yarn disappeared (darn grandkids) so I am now making black. I am finding it very hard to see the stitches on the black. They are going to be very pretty.

No one ended up sick yesterday, that was a blessing. I just hope it doesn't hit me and make me miss one of my last 4 days of work...especially not the very last day I am working!

Today's squidoo lens that I want to feature is one that I made on my home town. I hope you will take a look, we really have a lot to offer here. Hutchinson, KS

I will close for now. I am in hopes that yuwie is running today. It's hard to get views and keep up with friends when the site's been down more than up the past few days!

Stay warm!
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