Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday 10/5/11

I've stayed busy with my crafts this past week.  I finished up the table runner and the lap quilt.  Both are now listed in my etsy shop.

I finished the top of the jellyroll type quilt for sewing club at church.  I've taken it in.  We will have sewing club next Tuesday.  The other gals finish up the quilts.
I am currently working on an order for 24 dish scrubbies.  They are purple but for some reason they always show up as blue in photos.  Since taking this picture I have cut my black netting for an order for 12 of those.
 And, I've started on another toothbrush rug.  Who would have figured that it's been so long since I made one that I forgot how to start the first stitch??  I had to take it to church and have the lady who taught us how to make them tell me what I was doing wrong.  All I was doing wrong was holding it backwards.  I was trying to start it the same direction that I crochet, but the rugs work the opposite direction.  This one is made with flannel strips I had left over from other projects.  What is in the box is all I have, so I'm not sure just how large it will end up.  It may have to be put aside until I get more materials if it comes out too small.
 I have some washcloths to work on for an order.  As much as I would love to make, make, and make more items to put up for sale with the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, I also need to start getting my handmade gifts made too.  I need to get cracking!

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