Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 3

Ooops....I forgot to ask hubby about his spending today before he went to bed!

I know today I shopped at Walgreen's.  Nothing too exciting this week on sale so I used my $2 register rewards towards Halloween pencils and activity books.  Not too much spent.

I am in the Spooky Celebration today and bought some sachets on special from one gal for a total of $5.  I plan on purchasing from another gal this evening.  So yeah, pretty much needless spending, but I do like to support other work at home persons when I can.   I'm up to present at 8 pm CST if you see this and would like to stop in.  I also present again on Friday at 3 pm CST.  Just click the button to check it all out.  Loads of fun! 
 Halloween Spoooooky Celebration

I will have to remember to ask about today and tomorrow when he gets off work tomorrow.  Want to bet he tells me he can't remember??

Click over to see the whole linky with over 700 31 Dayers here!!!!

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