Thursday, October 6, 2011

Squidoo Hopping (linky)--Where else do you post your links?

That is today's question.  Where else do you list your squidoo lens links?

This was brought to my mind when I happened over to redgage.  I hadn't been there for quite some time.  At one point I started linking up my lenses there.  I linked up a few more while I was there, and plan to try to get in each day and at least link up one (as well as add a photo or something else too while I'm there.)

Sometimes I will do a post over on and put in a link to one or more of my lenses.  Actually, I joined a group that's purpose was to share our links to other things we do online for pay.  I linked up several of my lenses and my post was flagged by someone!  I've been on the scared side about trying to do that again.  I just sneak them in every once in awhile now.

Of course I'm getting links to my lenses here in my blog, particularly in these posts each week.

This past week I updated my All About Marsha lens.  Silly  me...I was going paragraph by paragraph to update then when I got to the end I seen that I had updated it all at the bottom  LOL  I just deleted that update and left the new ones.  I put in a wedding video too.

I also updated my Gather--The BEST in Social Networking lens.  I added more redemption's rec'd. I also added a featured lenses module highlighting the other gather lenses that I found.

I did update a couple of other lenses this past week, but since I didn't make a note, well......I just don't remember what they were!  (This happens to your brain when you are trying to do way more things than you should be!)

Here's hoping to see lots of you link up this week---


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