Friday, October 7, 2011

Frugal Friday Linky--6 Uses for Bread

Good Friday to all.  I hope you have found yourself having a frugal week.

I started doing a 31 Days challenge with The Nesting Place blog.  I chose 31 Days of Tracking Spending as my topic for the month.  I must concentrate on where the money is going to and then to know how much we are spending in each category.   I'm linking up to one of the days in the linky below.

I've announced the winner of the Darius Lux CD.  Don't forget that I also have two other giveaways still live==Sir Castanon CD and Pink Together Prize pack.  You can click the reviews/giveaways link in the index to find those.  Both have low entries.

Now, on to those 6 uses for bread.  These are taking from the 99 Cent Solutions book.

Uses for bread beyond sandwiches:
1.  Sweeten the scent of cabbage.  When cooking cabbage, cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables, lay a slice or 2 of bread on top of the cooking vegetables.  The scent will stay in the bread, not in the air.

2.  Keep cookies fresh.   Put a couple slices of bread into the tin or jar where you store the cookies, laying the bread right on top of the cookies.  The bread will keep that just-out-of-the-oven flavor and texture intact for up to a week.

3.  Prevent broiler flare-ups.  Put a slice or two of stale bread in the bottom of the broiler pan.  It will absorb the grease as it runs off, stopping flare-ups and easing cleanup by preventing pan juices from getting stuck to the pan.

4.  Butter corn on the cob.   Spread a slice of bread thickly with softened butter and cup the bread in your palm---butter side up.  Turn the corn in the buttery slice for perfect coverage.

5.  Clean smudges off suede.  Clean fresh smudges off of suede jackets, shoes and handbags before they set to stains by running the suede gently with a piece of fresh white  bread.  Use a small, circular motion.  You may need to use a second slice to get the spot clean.

6.  Take scuffs off wallpaper and flat paint.  Try a fresh slice of plain white bread with the crusts cut off so no color can transfer.  Rub gently over the mark, using a fresh slice of bread if needed, until it gently rubs off.  It will leave the surface intact, unharmed, and clean.


Have you shared any posts this past week on saving money or time?  Have you shared a simple or money saving recipe?  Have you shared a good shopping trip of savings?  Have your shared freebies?  Anything?  If so, please link up!

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