Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days of Tracking Spending--Day 6

Today I chose a picture of a bank.....and not for a good reason.
Remember a few days ago I talked about how we had paid the cell phone bill, electric bill, gas bill, and cable bill?
Well..........I have a husband who is one that does not keep track of a check register.  He relies on what the ATM tells him that his balance is.  Yep, we all know this is NOT a smart idea.  I can't get him to keep track though. :(    So, the deal is that he told me what the balance showed...which was 2 days previous.  I had a feeling I should send him to balance check again but he assured me that he had not taken any more money out of the bank.

However, what he (actually, we since I didn't pay attention to the calendar) didn't think of was that he got that balance on payday...which was also half mortgage day.  (we pay half the mortgage every other Friday, which then has us paying an extra month each year, which is supposed to pay it off 7 to 8 years early). spending today was the $30 overdraft charge at the bank.  Really sad is that they returned the check (or denied it I guess since it was electronic) to the electric company so we will have to pay it out of tomorrow's check.  This really bothers me because my daughter's birthday is Sunday and she really wants a cell phone.  We need $150 to buy the phone and start the plan.

Ok...other spending today was the usual soda's.  This was our monthly family fun night at church where we play bingo.  I didn't spend as much as I usually do since I didn't have as much to spend.  That was a good thing for me, not a good thing for the church since the money goes to re-furbishing the stained glass windows.

I only spent .51 at the grocery store, which was the sales tax on the 4 packages of Crave cat treats that I used free coupons for.

What will tomorrow bring with payday?  Stay tuned to find out.

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