Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday January 17

Good Morning. It already looks like it's going be a decent day outside. The sky is blue and there is no of yet anyway.
I don't have any real plans for today. I would like to find a ride to the hardware store to pick up some specials.
I did work on my coupons last night, but still not close to having them the way that I want them.
Tomorrow is the annual meeting and carry in dinner at church. I may not post tomorrow as I doubt I will be up early enough to get it done and we won't be back until a little later in the afternoon. I have one more year on the church council, then I must take a year off. If then asked to run again I'm just not sure. I suppose it depends on what all is going on in my life at that time. I missed the meeting this month. It was the week that I worked all week not expecting too and I totally forgot to call for a ride.

Let's see what we have to feature today at squidoo. How about my book review lens on WWJD For Kidz. Cute book, worth the look see. WWJD For Kidz Book Review
I got a couple of lenses updated yesterday. I will update our unschooling journey one this evening. I really need to get busy building the other 9 that I need to build.

I was just reading an email which looks like I missed a great Wife Swap last night. One family used coupons! they switched the show to Friday's at 7, which is he same time as I watch Ghost Whisperer. Darn them for doing that! Wife Swap is not one of the shows they offer for you to watch online. Ok, this upsets me!

I guess I will quit rambling and head out to do other things. Have a great weekend.
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