Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday January 15

Good afternoon! I am really late posting this today.
My morning started out by looking out the window and finding snow. It's still coming down too.
I had to get a ride and pick up commodity food first thing this morning. Once home I started doing some housework. I then played a board game with Allen and Jasmine. Allen is out of school for conference time. Man, then it was time for lunch. The morning just flew by on me.

I did get some coupons cut out last night, but not many. I won't be working on any crafts today. Instead I am going to get done what I can with these coupons.
It's my payday though, so soon I need to find a ride to the bank, to pay on the cable bill and get just a few things at Family Dollar.

Now I stopped typing here and started filing my income tax refund. Yes, this is just what kind of day I am having.

I recently featured my squidoo lens on Hannah Montana, but I am doing so again today. I took a picure of the girls modeling their Hannah Montana shirts. When I went to add it to the lens I realized how dull the lens was, so I also added a couple more larger photos. I hope you will take another look. Hannah Montana for Ariel

Ok, really publishing this. You all stay warm, I am seeing it's super super cold up north.
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