Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday January 13

Good Morning! The wind really picked up yesterday 40-50 mph the news said and I would believe it as it was almost strong enough to knock me over.
I didn't get my coupons worked on at all yesterday. I got involved in cleaning the house and other things on the computer. I won't get to them yet today either. It's bowling night so that takes away hours. I ended up being called in to work last night to do child care for a meeting. I enjoy doing the child care though so I don't mind.

Yesterday I looked up patterns to crochet headbands. I'm going to give those a try and see how they do. I'm thinking making 3 to put up for sale as a set, in 3 different colors.
I need to get the rest of these bags cut and made into plarn today for making my next shopping bags.
Even the best laid plans go awry as they say and I know it's true. Sometimes it's hard when you know what you want to do but things get in the way and you don't get them done.

I did 2 extra posts on gather yesterday, one for a daily instant win game and another for free sunflower seeds.

Today's squidoo lens in the one I made on crafts that I have made for gifts. I've updated it to add the quilt I had made for my mom for Christmas. Although I didn't make it myself it was still a craft that I gave as a gift (and that I still owe money on!) Crafts As Gifts

Until tomorrow, stay safe and warm,
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