Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday November 23

Good morning. It's a gray dreary day out today. I need lots of lights on in the house so that I won't feel so tired.
I am late getting this written as I chose to spin my winster spins first thing. I am just going to have to get up to the 1,100,000 pts for another $5 amazon and stop wasting my time there. The lag was bad enough as a paid member but as a free member, those videos that play on the side really do my computer in.

I posted my weekly mail call post on gather yesterday. Mail Call! Week of November 16

I did more messing in squidoo looking at others lenses than anything else yesterday. Today I want to mostly work in my email account.

We are going to have to figure something out on the transportation. I was laying in bed last night and realized that the kids need to be making it to Sunday school as they will be practicing for the Christmas program now. Allen was disappointed to find we weren't going to church today since he can now take communion.

Guess I better get to work on that money making so I will leave you today saying to have a very blessed Sunday.

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