Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday November 24

Good Morning!
My daughters boyfriend did show up this morning to get Allen to school. I doubt they will be back to take me to work. I will take the van. It's not so cold this frozen water on the porch and no frost on the van.
Praying, Praying to find a way to get another vehicle soon!!! Thankful that because of Thanksgiving this week we only have 2 days of work and school to worry about. And, there is no Awanas this week, nor does Heather have her math tutoring either.
My son did call and would like us to have Thanksgiving dinner at his house he evening of Thanksgiving. That should be nice, we just need to figure on what all foods everyone is bringing.

I have a gal buying 13 different auctions at homeschoolbuy...I got her books all together last night in 2 boxes...38 lbs of books total! Another lady contacted me back and paid for her books, she apologized as they thought she had already paid.

I think that's it for today...better get to clicking what I can before I have to head to work.

Happy Monday to all,
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